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    VBA Macro Opens Multiple files/Version of the same file

    Hi, I have the following Macro: '--- Reads File Name from Filenames Worksheet ---' Windows(Master).Activate Sheets("Filenames").Select datafile = Range("A" & cntLDC) '--- Opening File ---' Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ "U:\OPERATIONS\Reports\" &...
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    Continue Macro after opening file

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know if it's possible to make a macro continue only after opening another file, and if so, how to do it? The idea is that when the explorer opens the folder (this part works), i open a chosen file, and only then the macro continues. Here's my code (don't worry...
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    How to simulate File Open Dialog in Excel using VBA

    hi guys I've been lurking the forum for a while now and has always found good answers. However, I'm having trouble finding a way to simulate the file open dialog using VBA. I'd like to users to click a link to a directory and it opens in the File Open view as if the users just clicked File/Open...
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    From Active Worksheet Trying to Open another file, cut, paste to original file; works in debug but shortcut fails

    Hi - I'm old to programming but very new to VBA. I'm using Excel 2010 and have a pretty functional routine. Where I'm running into trouble with opening a 2nd file, copying a column, pasting the column to the original file (from which the code is being executed) and then closing the 2nd file...
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    Opening an Excel file and NOT run Workbook_Open macro

    Hi there, I have an excel enabled file that needs to open another Excel file and copy an image from that file, however, this Excel file that I wish to open has a "Private Sub Workbook_Open()" macro that runs and has a couple of messages that require a response. As I wish to have the opening of...
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    Excel 2010 locking up in Windows 7 when 'file open' icon clicked - pdf filemaker add on

    I just got a new laptop with windows 7 and when I click the file open icon in excel 2010, the entire spreadsheet locks up. It sounds like this could be an add-on issue. The only add-on I have is pdf filemaker. Once I am locked up, I have to kill excel through the task manager. Has anyone...
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    Opening a File and Macro Issues

    Hello I have a file on a corporate network, that uses macros and has an Workbook_Open event. For months there has been no problem with Enabling Macros on opening (as I only have security set to medium) and Don't Update Links (as there are few links to external files). There has been no change...
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    open workbooks in a date range

    I have two strings formatted as dates. strDateOne, strDateTwo. I have one workbook saved for each date: formatted DayOneFilemm_dd_yyyy i need to open each workbook between strDateOne and strDateTwo copy the sheet and close the workbook. Any help would be appreciated.
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    File open help

    Hi, I would like to open a file to copy two worksheets from. The issue I have is the file name and or lcation need to be considered as "unknowns". I need the Open window to allow me to search and fine the file needed. Once the file is found, I can then copy the sheets I need. How do I call...
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    Slow to open - large file ???

    Hi, I a, new to this forum and impressed by all the knowledge on here. I have a question for you all. I am a teacher and have an excel doc which I use to record all of my students grades etc. But, every time I open and close it, it seems to be extremely slow. When I take a look at the...
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    Counting the number times a file is opened

    I have a workbook setup as Read only for reporting purposes. I would like to capture the number of times and if possible, the users that are opening the there a way? thanks, MP
  12. C

    FileOpen/FileSave Command doesn't work?

    Hey! So I am having an issue that I can not seem to figure out here... I want to be able to use my own custom dialog box when a user requests and Open or a Save (in Office 2007). I can do this via VBA and macros, but I have a shared add-in that I have created in VS2008 that does this for me...
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    Macro - User Txtbox entry to open a file

    I need a macro that will open an existing excel file using a txtbox that the user has to type in the last name of the person they are searching for. The macro then searches a prepopulated list of names. (I don't want to use a listbox either). The user must then verify the correct person by...

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