file path

  1. A

    VBA to copy and paste image from a folder to another folder

    Hi everyone, I want a button in Excel that allows user to choose an image in their personal drive, through browsing the file location. Once they select the photo, it should create and save a copy of this photo into a shared folder, then put the new file path of the image into a cell. (This new...
  2. C

    Create a loop that copies files to a new location

    I have a sheet with 3000 links to different pdf files. All listed in the same column. I'm trying to copy each file to the same folder. This is what I have so far. I works when I define each row but I need it to move to the next row. Any help is much appropriated. Private Sub File_Copy()...
  3. C

    VBA that updates a range as I insert new rows

    Hello, The below VBA code populates a series of cells in a table, using A2 to update the file path. Column A contains an order number. It will also generate an error message if the fil path specified does not exist. I would like the range "ordnum" to update as users insert new rows into the...
  4. C

    Create Macro to Save Active Sheet as PDF and save with in a Specific File Path

    Hi I am trying to create a macro that picks up the file path that is entered on my Spreadsheet and save it as a PDF with in this File Path along with a specific file name: The File Path is below - I need it to go to R1\R2\R3 (S:\Finance\F19\03 SEP 2018) <tbody> Q R 1 File Path S:\Finance...
  5. B

    Need Help with Fixing Code- File Location

    I was trying to add a couple line in the code below to have a link that would take someone to the file location. I have the problem area highlighted in Red. I cant seem to get the info entered without an error. Sub REVISED_REQ() 'For Tips see...
  6. Johnny Thunder

    VB Code gets different results with different users? - Anyone seen this before?

    Hi guys, saw something weird today. I wrote code that goes into my network at work and grabs a file from a specified folder for our current month "03 - Mar" and does a copy paste to another report. The issue that I saw today is that if another user runs the file the macro is grabbing the file...
  7. M

    File path from userform text box

    Hi all, Could you please tell me how to reference the value in a userform text box as part of a file path? The file path would be C:\Users\MWa\Desktop\VBA Test\”text box value" Many thanks in advance, Mike
  8. C

    Trying to use cell value as part of file path.

    Apologies for the noobiness, I'm a CAD technician who's been roped into helping with some excel stuff. I'm trying to accomplish this using functions as I haven't used VBA before (although I'm open to trying it out). Problem: I have a 'master' workbook that contains hundreds of sheets, each...
  9. D

    VBA - If file Path does not exist try another file path.

    Hi, I'm trying to write some code that will check if a file path exists = if yes continue macro, = if no try an alternative file path = if yes continue macro = if no exit with error msg. Basically my organisation has a strange network structure. For c90% of users the file path for the...
  10. C

    Using Shared Files on a Shared Network with Different Drive Names

    Hello, I am building a calibrated equipment tracker and it is a centralized file on a shared drive for out workplace. However there are 3-4 different drive names for the same folder and file path. But when i try to load an image from the centralized folder on someone elses computer it doesnt...
  11. J

    vba save as using file path and file name variables

    Dim HINTE As String: HINTE = Sheets("Temp").Range("T18").Value Dim Pathf As String: Pathf = Sheets("Temp").Range("T15").Value ChDir _ "filep" ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _ "Pathf " & HINTE& ".xlsm" _ , FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled...
  12. btorrean

    Returning Parts of Variable-Length File Paths

    Dear Forum Users, I have a question about returning parts of a file path from a formula that references the path as it exists in another cell on a worksheet. I have tried using 'Find' and 'Search' within a formula to search for the slashes and return the item between the slashes. My problem...
  13. Z

    Macro: open save as dialogue, prefill filename and path BUT DO NOT SAVE YET

    I am looking for a macro that will populate the save as dialogue box to a specified file path and with a custom save name based on the cell value of (d4) of sheet2 . I want the user to be able to review one last time and manually click the save button. In other words, I want the populate the...
  14. T

    Need VBA to open files based on file name

    Hello, I need a VBA code to open a file in a specific file path, copy the set of the data, paste into another workbook then close that file. Here's the following criteria: File path: S:\NPH Accounting\NPH Accounting Department\Allocations\2016\Employee Allocation - The files in this folder...
  15. K

    VBA Sharepoint upload query

    Hi all, I am using the code below to upload a .xlsx file to sharepoint and it seems to only work a handful of times. My questions is there a difference is one uses \\ or // ? And why does this only work sometimes and not all of the time? Sub uploadtosharepoint() Dim SharepointAddress As...
  16. HotNumbers

    Capture File Path Name and Location on Cell

    I need help on capturing the file Path and making it into a link to the source. I have a Workbook were I import a sheet from an external workbook using VBA. I would like to be able to capture the path of the source and enter the file path into another cell with a link to the source. Hope I...
  17. M

    Need help with changing multiple file paths to UNC paths

    I am planning on implementing a new files server in the upcoming weeks. A few people that we support have excel spreadsheets that have multiple drives and file paths hyperlinks and I want to change those links into there UNC paths. Then this will allow me to then just replace the old server path...
  18. J

    how to adapt from FolderPicker input to file path as variable?

    Hi all! I found this code online a while back and have been using it and it works great, but now I'd like to remove the user input from the process and instead derive the folder path from variables that were assigned earlier in the macro... The previous version... Sub GetFileNames() Dim...
  19. J

    Differing pasted link file paths?

    I have a Summary Workbook that I paste links from other Client workbooks into. Depending on how I open the file, the linked file path pasted is different. The links also behave different when updating the original source file.</SPAN> If I use a hyperlink in the Summary Workbook to open a...
  20. Q

    Making Folder and Subfolder Search Recursive - Finding File Name matching Cell and Getting Path

    Hello, I've been working on this for hours, and I'm ready to ask for help. I'm a relative VBA beginner, and have been teaching myself over the past month. I know exactly what steps I want this program to take, but am having trouble implementing those steps in a way that is concise, because I...

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