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    Make file properties visible on an encrypted xlsb document

    I have an encrypted xlsb file that I would like to allow file properties to be visible when the file is closed. My IT department would like to use the "Comments" value to store a value that can be read by other systems without opening the file. I tried running the code shown below which I...
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    VBA List Files in Folder with Author & Last Saved by Properties

    Help Pretty please.;) My brain hurts and I still can't get the right code.:confused: :mad: I need VBA to return file author and last saved by. Here is the current code: Option Explicit 'the first row with data Const ROW_FIRST As Integer = 2, TFNameCol As Integer = 9, TFCountCol As Integer =...
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    Set File Property of File With Password

    Hi, I have an Excel Tool that opens several spreadsheets in several folders and adds comments in the file's properties (looping via InputWB.BuiltinDocumentProperties.Item ("Comments")). The problem is, whenever I encounter files with Password To Open or Password To Modify. Right now, I...
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    Viewing hidden files

    I'm distributing a number of USB devices containing a lot of files and reports which people require regular access to, basically to save printing so much out and havign all the information to hand on such a small object. The USB device will autorun and show a html file which develops into an...

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