1. A

    Fill down formulas and Do Until "No more data"

    Hi I am new to Mr Excel, returning to VBA after many years' break (I've been using power query for most of my solutions) and am hoping that some of you clever people will be able to solve my conundrum. I have a spreadsheet that picks up data from another sheet from the same workbook, does a...
  2. G

    Append to last row AND fill down

    Struggling with the following... This snippet of code consecutively pastes values from Sheet4 after the last row of data in Sheet1 as I loop through things on Sheet4. addRow = Sheet1.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).row Sheet4.Range("C2").Copy 'Run Sheet1.Range("A" &...
  3. M

    Using an Excel Formula to Filldown

    Hi all, I'm looking to filldown my formula using a formula (if that's possible). If anyone has knowledge on how to do this it would be really helpful. Here's the example formula I'm looking to fill down using only in cell formula. Formula works alright as is.. but instead of having it bound to...
  4. R

    FillDown method of range class failed

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to run this code but currently am stuck with "Run-Time-error '1004" FillDown method of range class failed" during debug. Is there something I'm missing here? Sub PastFormula() Dim LRw As Long Sheets("Sheet1").Range("S:S").Select ActiveCell.Formula =...
  5. W

    Power Query - Fill Down with conditions

    Hi all, I have a profit and loss report that includes a Category column and a Sub Category column. I filled down the Category column with great success. However, there only exists a handful of Sub Categories in a data set with hundreds of rows. See pics below. The Sub Categories normally have...
  6. A

    FillDown vs Copy&Paste

    Anyone know that what method will more efficient between using FillDown and Copy&Paste on range (over 10K rows)? Is it need add Application.CutCopyMode = False after using FillDown? Thanks.
  7. M

    Copy down formula using VBA

    Hi I'm trying to copy a formula from cell B1 and paste it into a fixed range of cells (B7:B11). But it's not working, as expected? I used this Range("b1:b1").copy Range("b7:b11").FillDown But it didn't work. Any ideas why? TIA
  8. K

    Autofill Filldown issue VBA

    Hi, I have 'Master' formulas in I1:Q1, all are formulas except col. O which has a static number that I wish to be copied down. The vba copies the 'master' formulas and pastes formulas into I9:Q9 to then populate to end of data based on data in col G. Autofill is working well for the formulas...
  9. M

    vba code doesn't work; same code works as a macro

    <code> Sheets(studentBlad).Select ActiveSheet.Cells(3, kolom).Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='" + naamSp + "'!RC[1]" ActiveSheet.Cells(3, kolom).Select Range(Cells(3, kolom), Cells(10, kolom)).FillDown </code> The above does what it's supposed to do when I use this in a...
  10. B

    VBA FillDown vs. Autofill errors out

    Hi there, I am having trouble (seemingly) with the syntax / usage of "FillDown" in the code snippet low. I have a varying number of rows (number of rows added each day change drastically) in column C of a dataset. I then have a unique numeric code that populates column B down to the last row...
  11. S

    Unable to Filldown from Date Variable in VBA

    My goal is to find the most recent date in column A (the date in column A is determined by a formula) and filldown one row from the most recent date in column A through column T. I am able to locate the most recent date in column A utilizing Max_date =...
  12. M

    Filldown when don't know Column reference other than by Header Name in VBA Macros; Excel 2013, Windows 10

    Good day all, I posted a much wider subject here: but am not getting much responses so I decided to break it down a bit with a few edits I've been working with...
  13. J

    VBA Filldown

    I am in need of assistance with perfecting my current macro. I have a spreadsheet with 49 account numbers in column A. My objective is to duplicate those 49 account numbers to a certain number of rows. For example, I need account # 654189 to be in column A from row 2-213. Then I need...
  14. B

    FillDown Formula Run-Time error

    Hello, I use the filldown feature in vba to enter formulas into my cell range. I'm trying to enter the following formula into my cell range but and getting an error. I don't see what the problem is. I'm hoping one of you can. Thanks in advance for your help. Range("BS3") = "=IF(AND(BO3 >...
  15. S

    Excel Table - FillDown formula from top row in respective column

    Hi there In the Excel table from the attachment, starting from column EQ, I would like to have the VBA filldown the formula in row 6 of each column for the respective column. This is what I have so far: Sub EnableFormulas() Dim Lastrow As Long Application.ScreenUpdating = False Lastrow =...
  16. L

    FillDown in VBA

    Hi, Can someone please help...I have a macro where an input box prompts a user to input a single's only a single date that needs to be copied down based on the length of an adjacent column: myResponse = InputBox("Date EMAIL Recieved in MM-DD-YYYY Format") Range("F2") = myResponse...
  17. L

    Fill down formula to end

    Hi I know this question has been asked in many guises, but the answers don't seem to help and are all specific to the question. Basically, I am copying data from varying spread sheets into one worksheet. Each time I paste the data into the spread sheet I want to label each data set depending...
  18. A

    Fill down non consecutive formula from one sheet to another

    Hi, I need to fill down the formula in cells A1, A5, A9, A13, A17, A21, A25 from Sheet 2 into cells A1:A6 in Sheet1. Attached Workbook should hopefully explain exactly what i need.
  19. M

    Need a VB Autofill solution

    I pull reports that has data in columns A thru AD but the rows of data can vary. I am trying to write a simple VB code to paste 8 formulas in rows AE thru AL and paste them down to the end of the data set but I keep getting an error on the 4th line where I try to define "LRow". If I remove...
  20. H

    How to use FillRange in a single cell?

    Hi All My code works if I have more than 3 rows in current region. When I have 2 rows the source range and end range are the same IE a cell at activecell offset 1,5 Therefore the fillrange doesn't make sense. How do I get this code to "copy and paste" in the same cell? Spreadsheet example ...

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