filter advance

  1. W

    Filter from a different tab to a table in Google Sheets

    Please see screenshots. Tab 2 is the extract I get from the Information System. I would like tab 1 to update when I paste the info to tab 2. I think one of the limitations could be that it will be done in google sheets.
  2. A

    Filtering data causing formatting issues

    I have a project for uni that I have to do but these 2 problems are standing in my way. I have a picture of what the table should look like after it's been filtered Here you can see that I need to have 2 tables side-by-side. Left table is sorting data based on value from it's furthest right...
  3. K

    How to trace 2 Digit And Highlight Cell , Different Number to change Different Color Highlight. ?

    Query : How Set Different Number to Different color Highlight (like a same number Group Show in same color) Number match perfect & Smart..........pleased Solve it Conditional...
  4. V

    Filter or Show only output result

    Hi, Thanks in advance, we have the following sheet where we want to match some condition ABCDEFGHIJ1O NoDatedescp/fDateStatusTrackCommentfp265859542206o is still pending526510-01-2015on rent359624/A5recd very goodo again3359624642206o is sent to us26541510-02-20163596246/A68recd order...
  5. E

    Macro to apply advanced pivot table filters based on cell value

    Hi Excel Geniuses, I have a pivot table that contains some location data called "Milepost". One column is Start Milepost and the other is End Milepost. I need to be able to be able to filter data that is greater than or equal to the Start Milepost AND less than or equal to the End Milepost...
  6. K

    How to display filtered data on a listbox

    Hello People, I am a begginer learning VBA currently working on a project that involves filtering data, I'm trying to filter a data stored in one specific sheet, this data was previously define as a "Table" so I could easily define my ListBox1 RowSource as the name of the specific "Table". The...
  7. B

    Excel VBA - Paste Data to Specific Tab Name

    Hello, I have a workbook containing two data sets, one on Worksheet1 and one in Worksheet2. Within each data set, Column A contains a standard mapping (this mapping is dynamic and is based on the rows of data). I have an existing macro that filters on Column A in Worksheet1 and create a new...
  8. S

    Filter Spread sheet by date range and calculate difference between dates

    Hi I have a large spread sheet that needs to be analysed at the end of each month. I need some help trying to make this much more efficient. Currently on hire dates are in a column (R) and off hire dates in the next (S). R S...
  9. V

    Need Help on an Excel project

    Quick question regarding excel: how would you extract data using multiple inputs but also add the ability to turn off any of the conditions with a form control?
  10. mikecox39

    Sort and organize date based on the adjoining column containing data

    I want to sort values that are in Column C. But I want those values chosen based on whether Column D contains data. If I were to say what I want in English I'd put it this way: Select all the values in Column C where Column D contains data, then count them and create a list showing how...
  11. C

    Pivot Table filtering question (Parameter with multiple parents)

    Hello, I am new to Pivot Tables, so my question could be very stupid... I have a set of data which shows employees labor forecasts for the upcoming year. The data is divided as such: Employee Name; Project Code; [12 Monthly forecast columns (apr-mar)] Each Employee can be assigned to multiple...
  12. T

    Filter one dimension in a visual

    I'm new to Power BI. In a simple barchart i want to filter one specific dimension: For planning category A I want to see my data from jan till dec. For planning category B I want to see my data from feb till dec. When i filter using the visual filter i set a filter voor planning category A...
  13. M

    Filter for text that does not match in two different columns

    Hi all, I have a Sub that currently works to automatically filter 3 different words in two columns in my workbook. What I am after is for an change up of this macro: so that it will filter when column 1 = "SentProgress" does not match column 2 = "ReceivedProgress". An example of this would when...
  14. M

    Filter by specific header text

    Hi all, I am trying to filter for blanks on a specific column header and I am struggling to get my head around it/could not find any solution on the net relevant for this issue. I need to use this on about 30 different sheets and every single worksheet has the same text ("Received Progress") in...
  15. J

    VBA/Macro Sort

    Good Day, I've had luck in the past so I'll try again and a big thanks to everyone who's helped me before. So, I have worksheet 1 that has data in columns A through M and worksheet 2 with data in columns A through F. I need to be able to match the data by number in worksheet 1 & 2 on column...
  16. T

    Sorting and Deleting

    Hello, I have a data sheet with columns A-R and about 3200 rows. Column A is a work order number and Column K represent the amount of days it took to complete that work order. There are situations in which there are duplicate work order numbers (2 jobs at once) and that results in two...
  17. M

    Filter on a negative value

    Hi I am trying to make the following calculation with a filter: =CALCULATE(MAX('Fakturaer'[No_]);FILTER('Fakturaer';'Fakturaer'[Service Item Beriget]=Artikler[No_] && Fakturaer[# fak minus # kre]=-1)) The problem is with the bolded part. Here I want to filter on a negative value, but the...
  18. N

    Want to put multiple search terms in a single cell

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a excel table of organizations for other people to be able to filter and look for specific organizations. One of the fields you can use to filter the table is "Service areas", which can include things like employment, disability, housing, and etc. Many of the...
  19. A

    filtering questions

    Hello! Is there a way to filter multiple rows separately? my data looks like this: Town A T-B T-C Assigned 8 8 22.... - ABCa 2 6 8 - ABCb 4 0 10 - ABCa...
  20. J

    VBA Add filter before existing IF Then Else statement.

    Hello, I have a working If then else statement that is doing a lot. I was just told I need to apply this coding to lines only if the date in column M is before 07/09/2017. I tried adding a filter and selecting the visible cells, but the original part of my macro does not operate on only the...

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