filter data

  1. M

    Sort and Filter data copied from website with merged cells

    Hi, I am trying to sort and delete a lot of unneeded data that I have copied from a website into a new document, I need to delete all the schools and shows that are from the United States and then would like to sort the remaining list alphabetically by school name. I have read about unmerging...
  2. A

    Database Search filter through multiple sheets codes help needed!

    Hi everyone, I'm currently tasked to handle a small project for a company I am interning at. I'm new to excel and so far my knowledge has been based off reading forums and guides online. I'm looking to create a macro that'll allow me to search through this Excel database through multiple...
  3. PritishS

    How to Create a filtering search box with more than 1 key word

    Dear Sir/Madam, Good Day! My requirement is to make a filtering search box in my whroksheet so user can type desired word and it should appear with filtered row only. I googled it and found a really helpful post from Mr. Chris Newman. This great code fulfilled my requirement 90%. Here is the...
  4. S

    Calculate average for filtered rows dynamically - VBA

    I have a table where I need to find the elements present in different samples. For every sample, the no of iterations is a variable - I can have two rows of sample 1 and 3 rows of sample2 or 5 rows of sample4. the number of columns which are the elements can also be different. I have considered...
  5. K

    How to Share a Workbook With a Slicer

    Hello, I am looking to share an Excel workbook that has a slicer to sort the data but when I go to the Review tab to share, it tells me to convert the table to range and once I do, the slicer of course disappears. Anyone has a solution ?
  6. E

    Sorting complex data in Excel - Help!

    Hi all, I have a list of data as follows: <tbody> A B C D E 1 NAME REFERENCES NAME (Sorted) REFERENCES (Sorted) 2 John 36, 87, JR, 11, 26 John JR, 4, 11, 26, 36, 85, 87, 96 3 Emily 63, ES, 14, 1, 35 Emily ES, 1, 14, 35, 63 4 Kate KM, 73, 25, 84, 13 Kate KM, 13, 25, 62, 73...
  7. A

    copy sheet

    hi, everyone! i wonder if & how i can make that when i have a sheet let say MyDatabase where all my stuff is in there, then i want that the same stuff should be in another sheet (tab) named Filter1, where i want to make a filter on the data, then another copy named filter2 and place there a...
  8. O

    Pivot Table: Filtering to include only values greater than 0 (but not by using row and column filters!)

    Hello all, I have a set of data, on which I run a pivot table. Each row in the data set describe a sale made by a salesperson. In each row we have: salesperson, month of sale, profit on sale, transaction ID The pivot shows the salespeople on the row labels and months on column labels. The...
  9. G

    change pivot table filter automatically and automatically print after each change

    hi, I have a spreadsheet with several pivot tables. I already have it so that if I change the filter of 1 pivot table, I change them all. My objective is to automate the following steps from beginning to end. 1 - Change pivot table filter to the first SKU on the list 2 - Once, formulas are...
  10. P

    Macro with advance filter and dependent data validation lists

    I have a spreadsheet that has two data validation lists that are dependent of each other (e.g. Strategic Priorities 1,2,3,4,5 & Developmental Priorities 1.1,1.2,2.1,2.2,2.3,.....). I want to write a macro that will advance filter based on the data lists and then print (e.g. SP1 and DP1.1 will...
  11. L

    Filter and display only filtered data

    I'm new to Mr Excel. Using Excel 2007: The cells on sheet A-report are populated from cells on sheet B-data. How do I filter the data on sheet B so only data for those records populate on sheet A. Example:Sheet B = A1-header A2-tom A3-dan A4-tom then columns B,C,D have more data pertaining to...
  12. A

    Copying (almost) Duplicate Rows

    I am trying to MOVE rows with duplicates in one particular column. Column A (Store Number) has some duplicates in it (10%). The other information in the row of the duplicate MAY NOT match the other the first row. EX: Not the real data but you get the idea :) Store Date Color 123 9/4 Blue...
  13. zakasnak

    VBA Variable Row Formatting

    I have a macro that I use daily, however the data that pulls back is not consistently in the same rows, so the formatting needs to be fixed daily. Is there a way in VBA to use variable rows depending on what's filtered? Here's part of my formatting code: Sub HyperionTeamsC()...
  14. T

    Sorting data based on drop down list selection.

    Is it possible to have a drop down list on Sheet 1 which will filter data on Sheet 2 then display the filtered data in a different drop down list on Sheet 1? Sheet 2 contains 398 column's and 15 Rows made up of University Course Data (eg; Course Name, Level, Course Code etc). The reason for...
  15. M

    filter a pivot table with values in an array of cells?

    Does anyone know a good way (in Excel 2010) to filter a pivot table to show only certain rows based on the values in an array of cells on another worksheet? <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Say my pivot table has row labels of...
  16. T

    Excel 2007 Workbook Performance Issue When Using Filter

    Why would I be experiencing performance issues when using a filter in my excel 2007 workbook. The workbook is 113,110 KB, has many sheets, many pivot tables (using same data source for most), lookup formulas, charts with autopopulate based on lookups. When I insert a filter in one of my data...
  17. I

    Complicated filter question

    Hi there, I know absolutely nothing about excel and I have quite a difficult – for me at least – thing I want to do. I have a file in which every row has 40 columns, and in some rows all the columns are filled in, in some only one, some multiple, you get it. What I want to do is filter the file...
  18. P

    Filtering csv files before importing

    i make excel spreadsheets from .csv files that are generated by brdata. 70% of the columns of information i don't need and have to manually delete each time. i haven't found a way in brdata to not give me these fields, so i'm asking for the easiest way to delete specific columns of info before...
  19. L

    Macro to filter Pivot Table

    Hi, This is my first post on this forum, but I have used it maytimes before with great sucess. So thank you!! My problem is this: I have 3 pivot tables which contain different data, the onr field they have in common is a month field. I have written a set of macros that filter the 3...
  20. C

    Moving Down in Filtered Area VBA

    Hello Everyone, I have a fairly standard macro that uses autofilters using different variables to filter out the data, but then after that it needs to manipulate the rows that still visible, I have found this basic code from other posts that moves down the data untill it reaches a visible row...

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