filtering rows

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    Filtering to show changed cells - is it possible without resorting to macros

    We have a reporting spreadsheet, used by our PMs, with a text input cell for the PM to provide a brief update on the week's activities. I know I can Track Changes, which will put a small flag on a changed cell, but is there a way that can feed into another column/cell to show that the status...
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    filtering rows based on a cell input

    I have a file with 2 worksheets. The first one is for entering certain employee fields, and the 2nd worksheet shows all current employees. One of the input fields in the first sheet is for a JOB_CODE number. Is it possible to link that to the 2nd sheet where as soon as I enter that JOB_CODE...
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    Pivot Subtotals that 0 out

    I have a pretty basic pivot table, but it is rather large. This pivot is by order number. What I would like to do is hide all order number rows if the net activity zero's out in the subtotal. Can it be hidden or quickly filtered? The subtotals should only show non 0 rows. So in the example...
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    Excel 2007 filter problem

    My data has column headings (Unit, Reference,Description Amount Date) with currently 545 rows Date starts at 1 Mar 10 and ends currently at 10 Sep 10 Rows records information for each unit payments Auto filter is activated on column headings Excel does not show all of selected unit rows (shows...
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    Filtering out specific rows

    Excel 2007 running Winxp I have a huge spread sheet and need to filter out times. Example below: what i am trying to do is filter out all times except between xx:55 thru xx:05 10 minute window. Really 1 entry per hour around the top of the hour. This program creates an entry every 10 minutes...

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