find cell value

  1. X

    Vbe to search for selected cell value in another table

    The situation is as follows: I have a "main table" which is *full* of data. Im talkin abut 1500 entries. Then i have another table, which is for filtering. I have already figured out how to filter the table for what im looking at. But what i now need is a way to search for a selected value...
  2. A

    Copy row into new workbook if certain cell meets criteria

    Hi I am trying to copy the entire row to a new workbook if column P says Fail in it. I want to loop this code until column c is empty. I also want to start the search at row 6 and start the pasting at row 2. My code is below, but at the moment it appears to be stuck in an eternal loop...any...
  3. N

    Macro: If cell contains value, then insert rows, based on cell value in a column

    Hey All I'm am trying to figure out a macro to run that: If cell on Column B (let's say B5) equals "1" "2" or "3" Then insert (below) the the number of rows that the cell in F5 equals So, if "1" shows up in cell B5, and if F5 equals 3, then 3 blank rows would be added below row 5 Then, go...
  4. J

    VBA For Each naming variable problem

    Hello, I am a VBA beginner but I do have a computer programmer helping me with this macro (so I believe the problem is complex). I am having an issue with nested "for each" and what I believe is a problem with naming the variables in it. I am not going to paste the WHOLE macro because it's...
  5. J

    Searching for specific text using a lookup function

    Hey guys, first post....hoping you can help. I have a list of email addresses on one sheet and in another sheet a column of contact information that has email addresses embedded as part of the text strings in each cell. What I need to do is use a formula to look up if the email address on my...
  6. T

    find top cell and bottom cell of a month in a sorted range of dates

    I have a list of dates sorted in column A and then and $ amount beside each date in column D. the amount is then duplicated in one of columns in T:AN in the row What i need to do is get the $total of each column in T:AN within a particular month <TABLE style="WIDTH: 646pt...
  7. E

    reference of a cell with a given text

    Hi all!... I'm trying to find a formula (or function) that tells me the cell reference of a cell that has a given text in a given range. For example...I have a worksheet with a cell C3 with the text "dog"...I want a function like =newfind("dog",A1:Z10) to identify that cell and fill the cell...
  8. T

    Find the Value of a Cell in the spreadsheet

    I just need to know what is wrong with this code. I am trying to have the macro find whatever is entered into cell ("CA1"). Thanks for your help!! Selection.Find(What:="("CA1").Value", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, _ LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows...
  9. docjackson33

    Macro to find, pull and input data into a different spreadsheet

    Hello All, My issue is doing analysis w/in a tight timeline, and before that can be done, the Main spreadsheet must first be updated by hand. Being that this spread sheet is comprised of over 50 different MOS types, x6 companies, it becomes very tedeous and time consuming. I have finally added...
  10. T

    Copy to specific location

    Hi! Need help with the following. Have two workbooks one (Avvik_databas.xls) is the "database" and avvikelse_rapport_fixa.xls/sheet 1. I extract data with vlookup from the "database file" (all values are from the same row) and paste the values in to avvikelse_rapport_fixa.xls/sheet1. I need to...
  11. T

    Macro to find a cell value, select and delete, and loop thru all instances

    Hi, I'm a VBA rookie who's banging his head on his desk w/this one: (I'm running Excel 2007 on Win XP) I have a worksheet that has data similar to this in Column A: Data Type A A B C Data Type B A B C Data Type A A B C ...and so on... Note that in my data set I'm working with the A,B,C...

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