find last record row

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    Changing Value of a Cell Excel VBA Macro

    Hello, I am working on a code that writes labels to each row on a worksheet. The worksheet is comprised of a header row, which has a header for each category: |ID|Category|Sub-Category|Metric|Sub-Metric|Unit|Priority|Existing Reference|Comments|Data Link| Last row of the sheet can very...
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    excel 2003 vba setting last row in userform initialise

    I am having trouble with my PREV & NEXT command buttons on userform where it thinks the last row used is row 3. Row 3 is the starting row with data but is not the last row with dat. I suspect the problem lies within my Userform_initailize procedure but I cannot figure out the answer after very...
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    Macro that can Ctrl-D a formula

    Hi all.. I am making a macro that preps a spreadsheet for upload into a database application. What I need to know is this: the last step of the macro has a formula in the first cell of an empty column. I have it set now so the user has to Ctrl-D the formula to the last row of records, then...

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