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  1. M

    Macro/VBA to find and replace over a range of cells in multiple identical files

    Hello, wondering if someone can help me write a macro to find and replace all instances of "$C$214" with "$C$216". A few more details... - I need to replace these values in the range E50:WG51 on worksheet "Monthly CF" - The "Monthly CF" file is not the only worksheet in the file - There are...
  2. A

    Replace multiple underscores with fixed number of underscore

    Hello everyone, I have a long list which contains text with underscores where some are 3-4 at one place within one cell and at some places there are more than 5: <tbody> I ___ like to make a ________ for 4, please. </tbody> I want to find and replace them all with 5 underscores like this...
  3. T

    Excel VBA Range Scope for Find/Replace

    Greetings, I am interested in doing a Find/Replace on a specific range. Controlling the scope to Worksheet vs Workbook seems to be my issue. Doing a regular replace produces inconsistent results: Selection.Replace _ what:="abc", Replacement:="xxx", _ LookAt:=xlPart...
  4. T

    Looking for a faster way to find and replace

    Hello there, I have a worksheet with about 120,000 lines with probably 50 columns and I run the following code to change all the #'s to blank cells. I was wondering if there is a faster way to do this, because this takes a long time to complete. Sub NtoBlank() Cells.Replace...
  5. M

    Spaces in tab names

    Hi, I'm trying to extract some data from an old workbook which is locked (and the password is unknown and I cannot crack it). I have managed to type in the location of data in the old workbook into a new workbook to extract it (=[OldSheetName.xls]OldSheetName!A1 and fill down), which works...
  6. J

    Remove Duplicate Text STrings from Single Cell

    I have a list of terms in one sheet (Find List) I have a column of text data "Replace Data" in another sheet that I need to search for exact full words/phrases in the Find List and if multiple instances exist in the text data of Replace Data, I need to eliminate all instances of that exact/full...
  7. X

    Replacing Wildcard Text in Find/Replace

    Is there away to “move” the info that’s captured with the * wildcard character when you’re using Find & Replace? For example: I’m looking at a sheet with the following in Column A 1 Public Records of Baltimore County, State of Maryland 2 Public Records of Cuyahoga County, State of...
  8. J

    Find Duplicate Instances in one cell from List of Target Phrases

    I have a list of terms in one sheet (Find List) I have a column of text data "Replace Data" in another sheet that I need to search for exact full words/phrases in the Find List and if multiple instances exist in the text data of Replace Data, I need to eliminate all instances of that exact/full...
  9. D

    Applying a Find and Replace macro to only cells highlighted in Red?

    Hi Folks, I am working on an address book. I have some VBA code to look at any 'selected range' of cells within the address book; it then finds words within text strings that match words stored in another table (the findList)---stored in column A of table 1. If it finds words within the text...
  10. D

    Find and replace macro targeting words within words - can it target only whole words within a string?

    Hi Folks, I am attempting to use VBA to modify address data because the first two address columns have character limits and my data tends to exceed the limits. I wish to modify text strings within cells i.e., to find and replace words within text strings with abbreviations. For the below code...
  11. P

    Multiple Search and Find Problem

    Hi there, I'm struggling with a multiple search and find. I have 26 separate worksheets that are all in different languages. I am manually putting them into one worksheet (not sure if that's the fastest but I'm a newbie to all this). And then I need to get them all to be in English. So... for...
  12. B

    Replace text after nth occurance of character?

    I have a list of IP addresses: I am looking for a formula to take this column and generate the following in the next column:
  13. N

    Find value and then reference cell 2 above

    Good afternoon, Sorry if this is repeated by I'm not even sure how to work this. I have a call that has the value "Total Cash". I am using this to find the cell. I can also use find and replace. Cells.Find(What:="TOTAL CASH", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, _...
  14. H

    Format with numbers problem!

    Hello, guys! I'm trying to covert a column full of numbers like 1234,56 or 987.654 to this format 1234.56, max 2 decimals and "." instead of ",". But when I try to find the "," the method completely ignores it... I tried to change the format from General to Numbers, Text etc., but no success...
  15. The_Rock

    Find & Replace Chart Name for a Single Chart

    Hi Folks I've found online a way to find and replace words in a title for all charts on a sheet but I want to be able to specify specific charts. In the example below, I only want to update Chart 11. As I turned off the For/Next statement, I set ch as ChartObject It crashes on the first line of...
  16. Y

    Using Find & Replace to add parameter to VLOOKUP formula

    Hi guys, I have a spreadsheet with hundreds of VLOOKUP formulas that were inputted by a previous user. The formulas are correct except that they were all created with the VLOOKUP default settings that leave out the optional final parameter for Range Control and now need to be modified to...
  17. L

    VBA Script last cell/column with remove replace copy formatting

    Hello - this site has always been a great source of help once again i am looking for VB code that will select from cell H4 out to the last column/last cell then with that selection perform two functions find null values and replace with NR copy the conditional formatting of H4 and paint brush to...
  18. M

    VBA to replace Bold Font with html tags within cells with non bold font

    I am trying to create a Excel VBA Macro to find bold text within cells with non bold text and add html bold tags around the original bold text and leave the non bold text alone. Example: Find: "This bold word" and Replace with: "This <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 1px 5px...
  19. M

    Find and replace multiple values

    I am trying to iterate through and change serial numbers of a worksheet based on the updated table of old serial numbers with their corresponding new serial numbers. Here is my code. Sub what_am_I_doing() Dim i As Integer Dim sht As Worksheet Set sht = Worksheets("RtgCmt")...
  20. T

    Find & Replace cells containing specific value with another value

    Hi all, I'm looking to execute a find & replace on a dataset whereby anything containing the value 'xxx' is replaced with the value 'xxx'. For example, in a set of: yyyxxxyyy hhhxxxhhh xxxhhhhhh wwwaaaxxx xhhaxxghh After the find & replace, I would like the cells to read: xxx xxx xxx xxx...

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