1. X

    .Find to look through numerous sheets

    I need some help with using the .find to search through numerous sheets. I have a sheet with Ids that I want to loop through each one and search each sheet for that value's location then output the location on a new sheet called "Results" This is what I have so far but getting an error and not...
  2. M

    Stitching values from one sheet to another

    Hi all, I'm using the following subroutine to stitch values from sheet "Stitch" col E to sheet "Sheet 1" col O If it is a match, we then copy data from col F & G into col L & K onto Sheet 1. This works if I have ONE match for each value in col E on "Stitch". But after using it for a while I...
  3. S

    Function returns #VALUE but works in immediate window

    I am trying to make a function where, based on an article code, the funciton looks in a different sheet with matching codes and takes the right discount (5 columns to the right of the cell with the code). Then I would like to return a specific value when the discount is set as "standaard"...
  4. P

    VBA .FindNext() Loop Not W

    Hi all, I have created a VBA loop that uses multiple .Find combinations to output a single file using a series of ranges defined with a "X" within an excel sheet. The VBA script allows the user to designate any number of fields to be included in the file. When the user selects an odd number of...
  5. lockarde

    Having issues with .FindNext

    Hello all, I have a macro that runs through a column looking for text - it successfully finds the first instance of the text, however, when I use the .FindNext, the range comes up empty, even though there are 7 more instances of the text. I've tried playing with the search parameters...
  6. A

    .Find Type Mismatch Issue

    Aloha all! I've ran into a Type Mismatch Error when trying to 'set the last row' of a sheet. What I've done was create a separate public function that the original code should use. However, when it goes to the public function, the error arises. What I was hoping was the public function would...
  7. most

    Issue with Find in my script

    This works fine, but I rather not use .Select Range("F13:F22").Select For Each c In Range("F25:F33").Cells If Not IsEmpty(c.Value) Then Set FoundCell = Selection.Find(What:=c.Value, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False) If...
  8. C

    Insert "X" every certain number of columns after finding "X", based on value of cell in same row

    Hello all, I am trying to write VBA to do a specific task, and I am almost there. I simply need a little bit of help to figure out how to do the remaining actions. Here is what I am trying to do with this code: 1) For rows 11 to 185, search range L11:DK185 for the cell value "X" 2) If "X" is...
  9. J

    How can you find multiple match in a cell and select the one with the latest date attribute to it

    Hello my fellow excel-ers, I am trying to find search through a range of cells in column A from my excel spreadsheet. I know that I can use .Find to find the first match in that range or use .FindNext to find all of them. But my issue is I would like to find the match for my latest...
  10. J

    Select most recent occurrences using cells.Find

    Hi, I have this data: UserID Date 1 03.22.2019 1 03.22.2018 2 03.22.2019 3 05.22.2018 3 05.22.2019 I would like to go through it using and select the user with the most recent...
  11. W

    Search Userform but not on the active sheet

    Good Morning All, I am new to the world of userform's and think they are pretty dam amazing. I am currently struggling with a small piece of code and was wondering if somebody could guide me. I have a userform where users need to input results for an employee. The user inputs the employee ID...
  12. D

    vbscript .find ignore spaces

    I have a script that searches phone numbers Set rngFind = .Find(What:=Trim(txtLookup.Text), LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart) Some of the numbers have spaces and some are just numbers. eg in the database a phone number may show up as "0218888888" or "021 888 888" Is there a way so when my...
  13. P

    wildcard use in range .find

    I am running a macro against 20 workbooks. It appears that there is no consistency in how thay are created. I am trying to copy a few cells from one of the sheets. I am using the .find method to locate the beginning of the data to copy. I thought I was going to be able to do...
  14. M

    Identifying unique data based on 2 criteria using the .find function

    Hi all, I am working on a macro that will take data from one workbook and move it into another scheduling workbook. When i transfer the data over to the scheduling workbook I need to check to make sure the data i am transferring is unique based upon two criteria, Job# and heat#. If the new data...
  15. A

    Need to make the .find loop more efficient

    Hello everyone, I've put together a code for below steps. However, I feel the procedure is too basic and there might be more efficient ways of doing the same. The present code is taking quite long, particularly the .find loop. I would really appreciate any help you can provide. Procedure...
  16. L

    VBA Run Time Error .Find

    Hi All, I'm very new to VBA and try to resolve most of my problems through looking at everyone's helpful posts! however, this time I can't seem to figure it out. I am trying to find "TS" in a specific column and filter for those rows if available. If not available, I just want to exit the sub...
  17. C

    union , multiselection with .Find method and static range

    Hi everyone! I'm struggling with the following code which you can see below. It is totally a pain in the *** now. I really need some help. This code is a search tool which looks for criteria from every worksheet except the summary and the list. After the .Find founds the word, then the code...
  18. E

    .Find Not Working After Adding New Pivot Table Code

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can point out what I'm missing. My macro was working fine until I tweaked it, by adding code to create 2 pivot tables. Now, when it returns to the previous code that finds and highlights a specific Subtotal row, it can't find it. If I remove the new code, the macro...
  19. P

    Using .Find to locate a row that meets multiple criteria

    Hi I've always referred to these forums but I was unable to find the direct answer to my question this time so I figured it was time to create an account. The basic idea of what I want to do is to use tag based logic to find the category that meets my specified criteria. At First I was just...
  20. D

    .Find Issues

    Why do these return the same sum value? I thought .find was for total cell value and Cell Like "*5*" finds any cell with a 5 in it. Set Psize = .Range(Header.Find("0.5" & ChrW(956)).Offset(rowi, 0), Cells(Header.Find("0.5" & ChrW(956)).Offset(rowi, 0).Row, LastColumn)) Cells(Header.Find("0.5" &...

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