finding data

  1. A

    Finding data from another sheet- maybe using VLOOKUP?

    Hello, I am new to MS Excel and I have small question. On Sheet 1, I have the following data (in column order): <tbody> Response No Table No Survey Date Constitueny Names (AC) Mandal Names Village Names (I have data) (I have data) (I have data) Need to find Need to find Need to find...
  2. R

    Using Control F in VBA

    Hi! So I'm a noob to Macros and I was just sort of self learning Excel to sort of get better at my job. I decided to write a macro to make my life easier. I have one question which will make my life much easier - If I use a Control F while recording a Macro to find data which is present in a...
  3. D

    finding data between sheets

    Hi, I am working on a document and I need to do the following, If a value in sheet 1 exists on sheet 2, then i want the date of the value in sheet 2 (same row) to appear on a column in sheet 1 named date. how can you do this?
  4. andrewb90

    Automatically gathering data from another cell

    I have a page in excel that has sales information for multiple company's and they may reoccur several times on the page depending on how many times they purchase from us per month. each sale starts with the company's name and a 4 digit number to identify them and all the sales information is in...

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