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    Rota start/finish times including a break

    Hi, I have an ongoing project where I fill in cells of scheduled work times for staff that results in displaying their start and finish times, sometimes over 7 hours and always 8 hours or more this will include a scheduled unpaid break so this time needs to be deducted. My current formula does...
  2. L

    Convert number to hour format

    Hi, When i export an employee time data from our Time & Attendance system to Excel its looks like this: entry hour: 756 (instead of 07:56:00) finish hour: 1723 (instead of 17:23:00) There is a way to convert those numbers to a hour format? Thx.
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    Is there a way I can Free Type in a cell that has a formula?

    Hi everyone First off I have to say thank you for all the help I have received so far. I could not have got this project this far without your generous help. I have a request (due to available space on A4 sheet) to be able to free type into a cell that has a formula. 1. User selects a (job)...
  4. G

    Start/end date to exclude non-working days [weekends]

    Hi, I am trying to create the following: <tbody> Start Days to finish End 9/1/2017 15 9/19/2017 </tbody> I have the start date, and days to finish, and I want the end date to be calculated automatically. The idea is to exclude weekends, and the formula to give me the date 15 working...
  5. B

    Filecopy For transfering files

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if the macro continues when you use filecopy or does the macro wait for the file to finish copying before moving on to the next line of code?
  6. J

    [VBA] Ending a loop after something has changed.

    Hi all, I have a loop that searches a column to see if something has been posted there already, if it hasn't then it posts the new input and then adds checkboxes below it. My issue is that I cannot stop it going onto the next column and doing the same. I would like it to stop the task after it...
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    Extract start and end points of arrows in worksheet

    Hi Guys, I am picking up from an old thread here<wbr>showthread.php?t=50484 I'm trying to extract data from a worksheet that has activities represented as text in cells, and dependencies between activities represented by default straight arrow shapes going from one cell...

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