1. M

    Macro Fit a image in a cell acording to his size.

    As this is my first message here and I don't see any place to make it, i Want to say Hello word and thanks for the amazing job all you are doing for teaching us. I have a question with a macro that works well, but I can't adapt it to improve what I want. I have a book that the first sheet is...
  2. T

    VBA to resize a range to fit the textbox.

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem, I need people to be able to copy and paste text from Word into excel, I have encounted a number of problems doing this as the people doing the cut and pasting are all at the lower end of the gene pool. So after many hours of testing the only solution I could find...
  3. S

    Upside down text with shrink to fit by textbox

    Hi, I need to invert text in cells up down side and I have found the best way to insert textbox and invert it then linking it to the cell. I try to make the text in the textbox to shrink to fit the size of the text box, thanks in advance.
  4. R

    Add another criteria

    =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("rd",C4)),".0145-.0165",".0145-.0155") i need to have this for "wt" OR "rd" how do i get the OR to fit into this?
  5. D

    macro code to print entire workbook to pdf - fit to page?

    i'm having a hard time figuring this out. i'm trying to save the entire workbook as a pdf where each sheet is fit to page. please help
  6. D

    can i set up excel default to print all pages of workbook, fit to page??

    would someone out there be able to help me figure out how use visual basic to program a special print button in excel for a colleague so that it will default to print all pages of any workbook, fit to page? I read that it can be done with a visual basic button that will show up in all...
  7. I

    Add in Fit to 1 Page on Print out

    Hi, I have the following code that I have copied from another sheet, however I need it to fit to one page, how do I update below please: Sheets("Butchery Order").Range("B1:K225").ExportAsFixedFormat _ Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=strPrimalPlan, Quality:=xlQualityStandard...
  8. Y

    Allocation of Expenses

    Hello, i was looking for help on an excel doc, its basically allocating the expenses into different categories but the names for the expenses differ, is there any way i can make the names fit into these specific categories or change each name to fit the category? EDIT...
  9. H

    Excel form resizing according to screen resolution

    Hello All, I have an excel-vba userform that has some checkboxes, lables and buttons. I have given the specific height and width for the form which is almost 3/4 th size of my Screen. This form is used by my colleagues with different Screen resolutions. For few of my colleagues, the form is too...
  10. A

    autosize text to fit a fixed userform label

    How can I resize text to fit a userform label without resizing the label (I want the label size to stay fixed). Thank you kindly for your help
  11. S

    How to use shrink to fit in a text within a cell which has more one line?

    Hello every one Thanks for accepting me in your respectful forum. I want to merge the contents of several cells in one in way like that : Range("b1")= Range("a1") & Chr(10) & Range("a2") But I want to determine the font size for every line to be equal one in the original cell after SHRINK TO...
  12. P

    Resize and Move to Fit

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is even possible but it would be awesome!! Is there a vba code to select all pictures and textboxes *only* and rearrange, resize to make all of them fit on the Excel sheet without overlay of each other or overlay of text in column A?
  13. B

    Convert Character Count to Twips

    I am trying to solve a problem. Assume I have a label that is 100 twips in width (default unit from my research) for a userform. I need to count how many characters of a specific font can fit into that 100 width without going to a new line. That would require converting these units of measure...
  14. V

    Export PDF on multiple sheets

    Dear members, my situation: I have multiple charts and other stuff on multiple worksheets. For example: Sheet 1: Range A1-C9, Sheet 1 Range F9:K13 and sheet 2: Range A1-F12 What i want to do: I want to put every element on ONE side in a PDF-document. My problem: I can export in PDF and i...
  15. gmooney

    VBA Resize columns (not rows) to Fit Screen

    I have a spreadsheet that contains many many rows and quite a few columns....Their are far to many rows to try to get them to fit on one screen but the columns can be. I created this spreadsheet on an external monitor but now they do not fit on my laptop. I have seen ways to do autofit but...
  16. C

    Copying an excel File and putting it into Word

    I am currently trying to copy an excel worksheet and paste it into a word document and turn it horizontally. I know about to create a text box and turning it to be horizontal then copying special the excel sheet in. But when doing that the excel spreadsheet is too big to fit on the whole page...
  17. T

    Change text size to fit cell

    I need the text to fit the cells in a range. I need the cell size to remain the same but text font to shrink if it overflows. Cant figure why code below not working Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.Offset(60, 0)).Select For Each cell In Selection ShrinkToFit = True Next Thanks for any help Tom
  18. redspanna

    resize Picture 1 to fit screen regardless of actual screen size

    Hi all On Sheet1 I have a Picture. When workbook is opened for first time I would like Sheet1 to be selected and then the Picture to be resized automatically to fit the entire screen regardless of the screen size. is this possible with VBA, if so how ?? Many thanks in advance
  19. S

    VBA to autofit columns with added space

    I am using a VBA to auto fit the widest entry for a range of columns. I am wondering if there is a way to add some space to the auto fit so the columns are not so tight to the text. If some one could lay out the format I would appreciate it.
  20. S

    Auto fit text in a cell without changing cell size with text wrapping

    hi dears, this is my first query to the forum. I need to autofit variable data in excel sheet without formating but with text wrapping. I am able to either of it,i.ewith wrapping text cell height changes & with shrink to fit it is coming in single line.

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