fixed columns

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    Variable Row/Consistent Column, Table update Question

    Hey All, First huge fan of the site, been ridiculously helpful thus far. I finally hit a problem I hadn't found a thread for, and decided to join the community. Second, the problem... Background: I have used various frankenstiened pieces of code/recorded Macros/ and coded a bit to make a...
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    Sumproduct with fixed columns

    Hi! Im new to excel and hopes that someone can help me with a problem regarding the sumproduct function. I have three columns in my sheet1, column A and column B contain 1000 numbers. Hence, column A goes from A1 to A1000 and column B from B1 to B1000. In the first row of column C, i want to...
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    Pivot Table - fixed number of columns

    Hello, I have a pivot table which shows the revenue by customer for years 2011 and 2012, one column for each year month by month. Because the year 2012 has only just begun, revenue data is not available for all customers. I would like the pivot to have a fixed layout where January has two...
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    Colummn of Text not following the Rows of Imported Data

    I have imported some data using MS-Query and an ODBC connection to an AS/400 and then add a column to the table that allows the entry of text, Example Column "A" is Cust# (From Database), Column "B" is Cust Name (From Data Base), Column "C" is a column I added to the tabe to allow the entry of a...

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