1. A

    The HDD from the old PC

    I suppose this is the right forum for this topic, my apologies If I am mistaken. The story (introduction) Time came for some colleagues at work to get new computers. WinXP was obsolete by far. A new PC arrived with its own HDD and a not so old OS. The issue is: to transfer the files from the...
  2. M

    Moving Files from folders less than specific size

    Hi All, I'm after a program that will loop through all folders and files in a directory regardless of what file type they are that are less than a specific size lets say 15GB and move them to a folder that it creates on the desktop called the less than 15gb and the date and then go through the...
  3. F

    VBA to Rename Files within sub folders

    Hi I am looking for a VBA code to rename file names from column (a) to the new name in column (b) The original files are located in sub folders within a main folder so the VBA code would need to search in sub folders to replace the name. If anyone can help that would be amazing
  4. S

    Change the modified date of multiple folders from excel input

    Hey, I want to change the ""Modified Date"" of multiple folders in Windows Explorer as per date mentioned in Excel Cells. Thanks in Advance..
  5. Z

    List number of files in folders

    Looking for some help to make this code suit my needs. Goal is to list the number of files in several folders. The folder names are listed in column C and always hosted under "C:\Users\diego\test". The number of files should be displayed in column K. Below code works, but it ignores folders...
  6. Y

    Resave all files in folders and their sub folders

    Please, what's the fastest code that can resave (perhaps through loop) all the files in a folder and its subfolders and it will maintain the folder and subfolders structure in their destination?
  7. L

    File Path By Year and Month

    Hi, I have this code for file path for the Invoice PDF. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim NxtRw As Long, CurrentPath As String, wFile As String On Error GoTo EnEvents If Range("J3").Value = "" Then NxtRw = 3 Else NxtRw = Range("J2").End(xlDown).Offset(1).Row End If...
  8. A

    Creating Folders with VBA

    Hi all, I have been reading all posts but cant come across the answer. I am using this code: Sub createFolders() Dim fpath As String Dim i, xc As Integer For i = 1 To ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count xc = Range("XFD" & i).End(x1ToLeft).Column If xc = 1 Then fpath =...
  9. I

    Create folder name with timestamp and create 4 additional folders within new folder help.

    Good evening, Is there a way using macro to create a month folder with a time stamp? The folder name will be the month name in cell B3 of sheet1 and can the time stamp be HH:MM:SS? Lastly can the macro create 4 additional folders within the newly created folder, if that is possible. The four...
  10. R

    Looping through folders within Outlook

    Hi all, I've been asked if I can create a macro that loops through a number of email folders within Outlook and saves the contents to a location on a network (ideally it would then clear the contents of those folders within Outlook). I was just wondering if anyone knew, initially, if this was...
  11. I

    Paste excel doc to many folders

    Hi, is it possible to paste an excel doc to many folders. Currently im doing it manually to each & every folder which takes up to much time. It would also need to overwrite the same named file in the folder its being pasted to Thanks
  12. D

    Macro to download outlook attachments not working

    Hi, I need to download lots of attachments from various folders in outlook and trying to use the code below. The issue is that on some folders it works just fine but for others i get a runtime error 13 on the line in red. Any ideas on why that's happening? Also, is it possible to ammend the...
  13. C

    Macro to Run in all subfolders with criteria

    HI All, I need help in writing a macro which will run in all sub folders. I have more than 75 folders in which it contains 8 excel workbooks each. one of the work book named " Summary" has the name in cell A1. I need a macro which will insert one column before column A in all workbook and...
  14. H

    Search Folders for Partial Name

    Hi - Is there a way to search folders to open by matching just a partial folder name. For example: I want to use cell C1 as a reference for the folder name. So while C1 has the text "Peter Piper Picked", and the folder on the drive is titled Peter Piper Picked (12 Pickles), it would still...
  15. H

    Copy and Move files and folders

    I found this solution elsewhere on Mr. Excel to (hopefully) tackle a project I was wanting to take on. I found this Ron de Bruin automation macro and I want to copy files from a mound of floppy discs to a location on my PC. The problem I am encountering with the code is that if I want to copy...
  16. M

    How do I Dynamically identify the frame of an active control?

    I am using the age old loop through the controls ie. For Each cCont1 In Workshop.Frame2.Controls If TypeName(cCont1) = "TextBox" Then etc., etc. My question is "How do I identify the frame that the control resides in?" I have 10...
  17. K

    Search and retrive

    Hello, I have a problem in that I have found a template with code that searches folders and sub folders for selected file types and returns the file path, date last modified etc. then in the last column it generates a link to the file, this is great for me but not for my collegues, the problem...
  18. N

    VBA - Loop through all folders and move all subfolders in each folder to a subfolder 2018

    Hi, I have large number of folders inside which I have subfolders (child folders) that I would like to move them to a new subfolder 2018 (macro should create it). In summary I need to archive all these subfolder inside each folder to a folder of last year 2018. Thanks for your help :)
  19. S

    Code to List the files in all the subfolders

    Hi All, So i have a VBA code that lists the number of files in a specific directory However, can this VBA code be evolved to have the following, 1) List the number of folders and Sub-folders 2) List all the files in these folders and sub folder Would be beneficial if the each Macro provides...
  20. S

    VBA code

    Hi could i have a multiple VBA code to do the following 1) Grab a list of folders and the file names in a folder i specify by a cell reference 2) a macro to change the file names 3) A macro to create folders and put these file names in there? a message box detailing the number of files...

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