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    Macro Help! Change Cell Color for Errors and/or Zero Values to White - Across Whole Workbook

    Hello Macro Wizards & Wizardesses... I have a very intricate workbook with several dynamic pivot tables, slicers, links, etc. I've applied conditional formatting to each sheet to handle turning the font color of cells containing either errors or zero values to WHITE which works great until I...
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    Help Cleaning up Font.Color Keycells Macro

    Hi all, I'm trying to change the font color in a range when the cell in column G changes. The macro below is only working for the first row (row 8). I imagine this would be easier as a loop but I couldn't figure it out. There are many different font colors and each cell already has...
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    Font color and size change

    Hello i have a program to extract data from cell and print it to the outlook but the problem is ,in one particular cell i have changed the font color and size but its is getting printed into the outlook as it is in the cell, it just print the default font size and color ... is there any solution...
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    Insert a line of different colors of text into word via VBA

    I am inserting text after a bookmark in word via VBA. I want the make the second part of the line be red. Is there a way to specify in code that only part of the inserted line needs to be a different color. My code is as follows: wdapp.ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("txtbx3").Range.InsertAfter "1-A...
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    Counting Red Font Cells

    I found function instructions to count cells with red fonts and it works fine. (My Thanks to Mike) However, the next step for me is to count the red font cells that are less than the value of 20. I've tried to combine the instructions with both IF and And formulas and both have failed...
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    Partialy Change Font Color to Another Color

    this code change the red font color to green font color.... it is working code but getting error msg can you solve this Public Sub FontColorInCellPart() Dim c As Range Dim i As Integer For Each cell In ActiveSheet.UsedRange For i = 1 To Len(cell) If cell.Characters(i...
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    Identifying new data with certain criteria

    hello! I have a worksheet with several tabs. I want to take the data from one tab and apply it to another . This is a sample of the info from tab 1. <tbody> 0750010204 Dynamic 0750010205 Dynamic 0750010205 </tbody> What I want to do is apply the information to the new tab so that...
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    New TWIST on LOOKUP Match n' Copy to diff sheet -- using font color as part of the required criteria

    Ideas on vba to do the following: On Sheet1, starting w/ Column AC, Row 4 take the first cell (that has red font) and try to locate a match on Sheet2 within Column C, starting with Row 2 going down. =If match found, turn background of that cell on Sheet1 to blue. =If not found, move to next red...
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    Best method for automatically changing an entire row's fill/font color based on one cell

    I have a master list of contact information that I color code by hand depending on a designation I give each row. The designation is just a single letter, "X" for example, and is listed under it's own column within each row. In the example below, I'd want rows (not just the cells A1 and A3) 1...
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    Ctrl Shortcut to Change Font Color of a Active Cell

    Can you let me know how to change the font color of a individual active cell by using the ctrl key? I used this command before but I believe that it was built into a macro. Thanks.
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    Font style and color in a string

    Greetings, I am imputing defined string variables into a cell. I need only certain parts of the text to be red and bold. Example. Example. HospSheet.Cells(curRow, DX_LABEL_COL).Value = PreDXLabel & "Billing DX:" & "RDXLabel & "Revised DX:" PreDXLabel is fine as standard text, but everything...
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    VBA ~ Need help with counting each code based on font color with no strikethroughs.

    I am creating a report that analyzes pre and post occurances and need to count items based on a 4 character code, that matches a font color but has no strikethroughs. I have a matrix that I reference for the 4 character code, it's description, and last the count...for which I need the formula...
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    Change font in graph

    Hi, I inherrited this script from someone else and can't really understand it. What the script will do is create a graph with all kind of balloons. Within this balloon a number will appear. Now the problem is that the font of this number is white. This is hard to read so we want it black...
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    Conditional Formatting Based on the Font Color of the Linked Cell

    I have been working really hard to make a spreadsheet super user-friendly for an office manager. The last thing I want to do, I can't seem to find when I Google it. What I have are 2 tabs: INPUT and LOGS. The INPUT tab is for doing just that: input the information and it will populate into the...
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    Help debugging macro

    I'm getting a debug error and I can't figure out why. It's telling me that I'm using an "Invalid or Unqualified Reference" and it highlights the line .Font.Color. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Sub ColorCells() Dim rng As Range Dim cell As Range Set rng =...
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    Excel formula based off cell font color

    Hi all, I am trying to create a formula/macro in Excel that would take a number in a cell and if the font color is blue add 25, if its black add 10, and if its red add 5. Any clue as to how I could do this?
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    Change cell font color to match text but is based on a formula

    I have a workbook with two spreadsheets. One has a series of cells (say, A7:G7) that return a word ("Red", "Yellow", "Green", "Blue") based on a lookup table in the other worksheet with an array defined spanning (J2:L1006) that contains the words. The table array may be irrelevant. A dropdown...
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    Change cell font color to match text but is based on a formula

    I have a workbook with two spreadsheets. One has a series of cells (say, A7:G7) that return a word ("Red", "Yellow", "Green", "Blue") based on a lookup table in the other worksheet with an array defined spanning (J2:L1006) that contains the words. The table array may be irrelevant. A dropdown...
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    Formula to Search Based on Font Color

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet which uses 2 different colors to designate how something is mailed. If it is mailed one way, there is a corresponding date in one column and if it is mailed the 2nd way, another date in another column. For example - code 1110 is in cell C1, date1 is in cell A1 and...
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    VBA Format Cell Font by ColumnLevel Grouping

    I don't want the text to show in a visible cell B1 when a group of adjoining columns is collapsed so I want to format the font in cell b1 white when the group is collapsed (level 1) and automatic = black when it is expanded (level 2). How can I? Here are my first two attempts to piece this...

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