1. A

    Editing Drop-down Lists

    I'm creating a NFL bracket and I just got all of my drop downs put in and I want to make it so that each team appears with a particular font after it's been selected and put into the bracket. How would I go about doing this? Second question, how would I make it so that each option in my drop...
  2. L

    fonts names list (

    Hi Where can I find a list of all fonts? the link below does not give me the list Thank you very much.
  3. R

    Frame Fonts "warping"/changing size

    Hi Folks, Sometimes re-sizing a Frame on a UserForm will "warp" the font size in some (but not all) lines of Text or in Control captions. I haven't been able to figure out any pattern(s) to this phenomenon—it just makes things look weird, especially if/when using mono-spaced fonts. It doesn't...
  4. S

    Conditional Formatting with 3 or more conditions

    Dear Friends, Could you please guide me with the below conditional formatting , i need 3 conditions Below 78% Red with White Fonts Above 78% and Below 83% Yellow with Black Fonts Above 83% Green with Black Fonts , how can i get the 2 condition, please help Set rg = Range("R7"...
  5. B

    Sheet Sheet Color

    hi working with Excel 7. seems all sheets have black background, with white fonts. It seems to be a default, in all workbooks. I'm trying to change the background to white with black fonts. using the fill icons does not do anything. how can i make the change in colors, and keep them as...
  6. D

    Optimizing print areas

    Hi there I like using the fit to page option within Excel, however, a report that a third party tool generates is sometimes better displayed in landscape rather than portrait and vice versa. I would like to be able to change this quickly / automatically. What i envisage is something like...
  7. M

    Look up in row constant occurrences

    Hello, I am looking VBA solution for specific task look up in row constant occurrences Data got in cells C5:P22, "1" is filled with red colour and white fonts, "X" is filled with dark green colour and white fonts, "2" is filled with blue colour and white fonts, Results shown in R6 AF22...
  8. A

    Change font types in WHOLE workbook

    I need to replace ALL fonts in an Excel workbook to Arial. All fonts include everything, including in graphs, sliders etc. There has to be a way to do it in VBA so I only need to adjust where it goes wrong. Do anyone has the nessesary sub they want to share? :)
  9. A

    Develop One Single TextBox/UserForm with diferent Fonts and Color. Is it doable?

    Is there a way to insert a kind of “TextBox” in an UseForm where I can use different Fonts and Colors within the same TextBox/UserForm. Something similar to be writing in MS Word that allows us to use fonts and colors as we please. I need to add to a Multipage UserForm some directions and...
  10. A

    Printing issues with Urdu Language in Excel

    hi, I am using urdu language in excel.. i am facing problem with printing.. my text cut from bottom or above the cell as the language contains such alphabets which do not contain in a cell. as my project (data entry) is completed in multiple excel files, i cannot convert it to any other...
  11. M

    Multiple Fonts within a Cell

    I have a workbook that I got from running OCR on a PDF (Bill of Lading). Each cell has the title in small 6pt font (superscript) and the BOL value in 12 point font. Example "City" and Milwaukee appear as the cell title and value. When you enter the cell "City" is in the value line. Hit Right...
  12. E

    Another Question about Dates - Dire Situation

    How can I show a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD referencing cells from a different sheet when the referenced cells are written as text using the following two formats: 1) 2014-04-23T16:38:06.000Z (currently formatted as "general") 2) 4/21/2014 9:09:52 PM (currently formatted as custom -...
  13. G

    Excel 2010 Change Fonts

    Hi - I have a custom color palette that I created in Excel 2003. I'm trying to bring it over to Excel 2010. I have done the "File / Options / Save / Colors / Copy from..." and I see my color palette here. But I'm trying to have my palette replace the current defaul Excel 2010 palette...
  14. 9tanstaafl9

    Custom button fonts look weird in Excel 2003 only

    I have a report I did a few years ago in Excel 2003, which works fine in 2003 and current versions of Excel except for one thing, the fonts look weird on all the custom buttons whenever I open it up in 2003. If I open the exact same report in a newer version of Excel without saving it first, the...
  15. Topher

    Answer this tonight.

    Please Answer Tonight. So I have a lot of text. Rows and Rows and Rows I have 47,300 rows which I want to assign a particular font. The font which I would like to assign is named in another column. I have a list of 5,300 different fonts that I have installed on my computer. I actually...
  16. G

    Data Validation drop down

    Here's my question: I created a data validation on my excel sheet, is there a way to make the fonts on the drop down list bigger or even change the fonts?

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