1. J

    Footer Linked Range (Multiple Cells)

    I would like to be able to have a footer that is linked to a range on the same sheet (AL1:AM4). (If possible) Or if it is not able to, just a way to stack the cells and create multiple rows The Current code I created allows me to do this but it is in a single line. Example Private Sub...
  2. C

    Excel Header and Footers

    I have an excel workbook with 6 worksheets. Each worksheet has a different header. Each week, I want to be able to change 4 of the worksheets footers without changing their headers. When I group the 4 worksheets and change the footer; it changes the headers too. Is there a way to change 4 of...
  3. P

    Copy and paste worksheet, headers and footers

    As the title states, how can I copy and paste along with any headers and footers from a excel worksheet and paste in another workbook? Without recording a macro and with an unknown footer and/or header placement location. Thank you
  4. M

    Formatting MS Word Footers with VBA -- from Excel

    I have an excel macro – (not handy at the moment, but can fetch tomorrow AM if needed) – which creates a fresh Word document, and transfers/pastes into it about 50 pages of text/image content from Excel. But the footers are killing me. What I am looking for is this...
  5. M

    Format footers in VBA

    Hi: New member. Wondering if someone can help me solve a problem I'm having formatting footers in VBA. Here's is the relevant section of code I'm using: With ActiveSheet.PageSetup .LeftFooter = "&""Calibri,Regular""&9 &D at &T" .CenterFooter = "&""Calibri,Regular""&9 CONFIDENTIAL -...
  6. motherteresa

    2 Problems - Changing VBA password and Inserting Footer in Multiple Workbooks

    I have a 2 tier problem. First, I helped to create a template with a lot of VBA work that several folks use in the field. To keep people from screwing things up, I password protected the VBA portion. Second, I need to update the footer in each of those workbooks. Each workbook has several...
  7. N

    How to add headers and footers in a word file from a macro?

    Hi, I have an excel file which has a macro to create a word file and copy contents of the excel to it. Using the same macro ,i want to add Headers and Footers to my Word file as soon as its created. The footers have 2 images(1 lower left corner & 1 lower right corner) along with other text in...
  8. R

    Macro button to print selected sheets and re-number them in the footer before printing

    I like the code that is shown in the below thread that allows me to create a separate sheet and put a "0" or "1" to select which sheets I need to print. But I also need to have these sheets print with sheet no.s filled out in the footer. The first sheet selected is Sheet 1 of X (X=the total no...
  9. F

    Different footers in each page?

    Hello all, I have an excel spreadsheet with 20 worksheets and 2 to 4 pages in each of the worksheets; each page needs to have a specific footer. I have been trying adding VB code into a macro to do the trick, but so far I have not been successful. The code I have is looking for the value in...
  10. J

    How to Consecutively Number Pages in Different Tabs

    In Excel, is there a way to consecutively number pages in different tabs? I.E.... I have a Workbook with information in multiple tabs. I want to print all tabs, but I want the footer to display the page number in sequence. Sheet1 may have 3 pages to print. When Sheet2 prints, I want the...
  11. D

    Maintain integrity of page number footer when saving Excel 2010 to PDF?

    Hi, I have an Excel 2010 workboook with 15 sheets. Each sheet is multiple pages and has a footer with the sheet name & page number on it. When I save the workbook as a PDF, the sheet name stays, however the page number seems to revert to sequential page numbers within the PDF. (IE Sheet 1...
  12. J

    Footers from graphics

    Ok, Let's see how good you guys are..:) I'm exporting data from access to excel. I'm trying to add a footer to a spreadsheet from an Access module. You might say, "This is easy" Well there is a twist. I want to pull the Footer from a table. Here's the twist, The footer is a BMP graphic...
  13. B

    Footer With running totals

    Is there a way to have a footer so when I print it will tell me the totals for: a) the sum of the data per column of the current page b) the totals of the data per column of the pages prior to the current one c) the sum of the previous 2 cells
  14. C

    Custom header and footer problem

    Hello, I am trying to find a way to insert a custom header and footer that I have to use for all company documents into excel. The current options under the header and footer tools in excel do not achieve this. The header and footer I am using has 3 and 8 fields consecutively, contains a logo...
  15. A

    Could you conditionally edit a footer in Word 2003 ?

    For example, if any page contains some red-color-text, could the right-most footer element on the 1st line ( a control number ) of a red-text containing page & the right-most footer element on the 2nd line ( a date ) of a red-text containing page - - each be replaced with their own literal ? A...
  16. Futile Crush

    Making individual headers/footers in MS Word

    Hey guys, I'm editing a story in Microsoft Word, and wanted to know how you can make specific headers and footers that don't copy onto every sheet. For instance, making each page Chapter specific (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.) If there is a way to do this without some bloody difficult code, that...
  17. M

    Ampersand "&" and footers

    I want to use "E&T" in my footer, however, the T ends up as a time stamp. I have tried many variations, with no success. Can someone please help / advise.

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