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    Update cell from form. Please help, running out of time.

    Firstly sorry for my to you easy to me impossible problem. Working in dairy need others to enter each cows daily milk production. Want form for cow by cow entry. Row 1 Date Colomn A cow's id no Colomn B cows name(vlookup on form) C: Amount of milk VB to update now() for column, entered id...
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    Trying to create a noter tool

    I have seen something like what I am about to describe but I am unsure on how to make it for my team to use. What I want to accomplish is a way for agents to notate our calls by clicking different buttons that will put text data into a text box that the user can then copy and paste elsewhere. An...
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    Excel VBA controlling Internet Explorer Form fields

    I'm trying to use a macro to go to a webpage and pull some information out and then change a field for a large number of users. I'm able to get most of the fields to change with the exception of one field. Any advice would be helpful. The desire would be to change S1 to S3. It does it when I...
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    link form & subform for data entry

    I am trying create a form that has the main form as medbill containing vendor name, account number etc. I also have a subform medbilldetail that has invoice number, description, etc. There are two tables, medbill & medbilldetail; medbilldetail has a field medbillID, numeric long integer. The...
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    Newbie question re:userforms

    I'm very new to Excel VBA and creating forms, does anyone have an example of something similar, or perhaps point me toward a tutorial? I need some help creating a form that will do the following: ask how many people? 3 what are their names? person 1: john person 2: paul person 3: george...

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