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    Macro while runing - Require one form initilization

    Hi Team, I am using one macro in order to format the huge data and approx. it would take 2 to 3 min to complete the task. While running this macro there will be more then 10 different sheets will open and close because it takes data from different sheets. I can use Application.ScreenUpdating...
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    Automating mass forms and printing

    I’m wondering if there is a way to use excel and or Microsoft word to accomplish a specific task. I have an excel file. Within that file I have two sheets. The first sheet consists of a blank form. It has blank fields for the employee, the hire date, and the employee number. The second...
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    Help with multi page form

    Hello I am creating a multi page form, I'm on the 2nd page and I believe it will end up being a 3 page form. The opportunity that I have is that the 1st form, the information is being transferred to a sheet named AppDB in columns 1 thru 12. The second form (a continuation of the first form)...

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