format change

  1. V

    fomart changed as open excel files sometime

    Dear, when I open the excel file, the number sometime changed automatically to currency, could you expert please to help out? thanks. Best regards, Valley
  2. lockarde

    Button Click Changing Specific Text in Specific Cells

    Evening all, I'm working on a schedule for my boss, and I'd like to add a button that when clicked, changes the format of specific text in specific cells. This is for Time off, so say I have 3 days selected, and want to change "John" to have RED font, strikethrough the text, and increase font...
  3. S

    List need to arramge

    Hi I have a list of data which i Got from pivot table which is given below and i want those data in different format. Please help Place Name USA John Rohan Alex Roxy India Rahim Sourav Bikram I want previous...
  4. H

    Converting a custom format number into a plain number

    Hi, I am working on a report and I have a column which calculates the outage details of different sites in the [m] or minute format (I hope I am right?). Now whenever I do operations on any entry of this column I see values in points. e.g if the number in [m] format was 50 and I multiply it...
  5. W

    Unable to format imported cells to a date

    Hello all, I've got an issue where I've imported a table from a different workbook and all the dates that have been imported are showing the number value of the date (even though the original data is formatted to a date) it also won't let me change the format to a date. It says it's a date in...
  6. D

    Format concatenate text

    I am trying to join text in two different cells using concatenate function / & operator In the combined cell I want the text from second cell to appear in Bold while the text from first cell should continue to remain in normal font. Is there any way i could achieve this?
  7. R

    correcting date time format

    I have a program that exports data to an excel spreadsheet. Sounded great until I tried to do some calculations based on a cell containing time date data. Every time I try I just get the #VALUE error. I am running Mac Excel 2011, and have formatted the offending cells to "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss"...
  8. N

    Using search and replace is changing the cell format

    I am using excel 2007. I have around 9K rows and 5 columns of data. The first column has one or two words in bold and punctuated by a full stop and rest of the words in this column is separated by a comma and is of a regular font without any formatting. I want to replace all such comma with a...
  9. J

    Converting text date shown as FEB02/10 to usable excel formatted date

    As an example, I regularly receive data in a text/general formatted date like "FEB02/10." What is the formula to convert it to a usable Excel date? Thank you in advance.
  10. X

    File name format syntax

    Hi Can someone tell me what should the syntax be for the code below. It works fine for what I need but extension is not all that should be changed. The Macros also gets saved. See the arrow.Thanks in advance. Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean) Dim awb As Workbook...

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