formating issue

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    How do I format an individual column in a table ?

    I have a table with a large amount of data. I am wanting to change the format of individual columns so that they have their own unique style from the rest of the information in the table. Most of my table is format in an orange color. Darker for header and then the rows with an alternating a...
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    formula works but not for formatting

    I am trying to conditionally format using AND() to reference if there is a value in the top line of a table and the title in the right most column for each cell in the table, the formula I am using works when i paste it into cells (i get the correct TRUE or FALSE for each cell in the sheet) but...
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    Conditional formatting problem

    I am trying to make it to were if i enter the same value into a column that it will turn the cell RED. Example A1=1 A2=2 A3=1 Cell would turn RED along with A1 <CELL turn would a1 and a3 p red.<>ECT. ECT.. Using conditional I can do this BUT it wont let me select a range of cells. I get the...
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    Phantom Formatting Ruining My Formula Results

    I have two columns. Column A is a unit number from 53100 - 53165. Column B is the simple formula =IF({column A cell}>53109,"RF",""). This works fine for the first third of my rows. The last two-thirds have some formatting that results in "RF" being returned for all unit numbers, whether they are...
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    not able to identify the interior color!!

    Hi, I am working on a excel model for which I want to do formating same as I have in one already existing excel file. So i tried looking for the interior colors in the cells of that file. The problem is the colors used in that file are not showing in my excel "Fill Color" list. When I click on...

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