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    Control How Pivot Table Output is Formatted

    The source data for my pivot table has a bunch of fields of which I'm only using a few in my actual pivot table. Two of the fields I do not want to display in my pivot table are rates and fees; however, I want those rate/fee columns to appear as a % and $ respectively upon double clicking for...
  2. B

    Need some help!! or am i going crazy!?

    Hi, So over the last couple of months a co-worker of mine has been having some rather strange problems with Excel 2007, she will be working on a spreadsheet with Vlookups, pivot tables and formulas in (Bare with me im not amazingly great with Excel) so she will be working away with the sheet...
  3. G

    Formatting across multiple columns

    Hi Guys, My question is difficult to explain and I have just realised that I can't post attachments or images on the forum, is there any way around this, as without a sample spreadsheet I don't know if I can get my question across clearly Phil
  4. P

    Cant seem to figure this out.

    Okay here I go, and please give me pretty detailed instructions if you can, because I am very new to conditional formatting. So I have an excel spreadsheet that I need to check for errors before I send to a client of mine. On this spread sheet I have a row of cells that has car companies in it...

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