formula for if

  1. T

    Simple formula needed

    Hi, I believe I need an "IF" formula to figure out the % of target achieved for stock trading. If a LONG trade: I purchase 100 shares at $49 and my target is $52, then I sell at $51.50, what is the % of target achieved? If a SHORT trade: I Short 100 shares at $49 and my target is $46, then I...
  2. caritx

    Formula Question

    I have the following data in Columns A and B and I want C to be my formula. Column A------- Column B 4152 -------------Y (blank) ------------N 1524 --------------N (blank)-------------...
  3. A

    Challenging IF task with proximity

    I've been working on this for over a day straight now, including hours of reading threads on here and can't figure out if it's even possible. Hopefully someone has a thought on it here. I'm trying to look in another file at two sets of numbers that are unique in thousands of rows. If both of the...
  4. D

    IF statement, involving dates

    I'm attempting to create a formula using dates where the outcome is determined on data within a cell.. If the date within cell AF4 (and all cells within that column) takes place before 01/01/1987, "C" needs to populate in AG4. On 01/01/1987 and after, "F" should populate in cell AG4. I...
  5. E

    Rookie IF Question

    Hello Here is what I am trying to do, perhaps someone can guide me? Cell A1 is a drop down list to choose between 2 options- Cats or Dogs. whichever you choose will drive the answers below. If you choose either one- Cats or Dogs, it pulls data from other cells and populates cells A2 and A3...

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