formula functions

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    IF problem...I think

    What I am trying to do is make excel populate information automatically from one sheet to another. I'd like to say, "IF the value in ANY of the cells in a selected column are greater than 1, then populate the information in the ROW cells from which the column cell is located." I.e. if my...
  2. I

    Using a Defined Variable in a Formula through VBA

    hi, I'm probably being really stupid but I can't figure this out. So, I have a string variable that I have being input through an Input box, this variable is Dim VP as string This is carried through to a private function where I want to add this into a formula. The formula is a simple one...
  3. K

    Referencing to worbooks with dates in the worbooktitle

    Hi all, I have a worksheet that i copy production data in. Each production process is in a row and in the columns i have the production of each day of the week and some derivate functions as 'in stock' etc. The production is for each calendar date. The data are in a sheet that i get every...
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    Calculating mulitple workbooks

    I am new to the forum and not a pro with Excel but I am some what familiar with it's capability. I use excel to calculate cost and profit with my business and now would like to use to use Excel to monitor my inventory. Here's my situation on my computer: Folder: Order2010/AprilOrder.xls Folder...
  5. G

    Isolating values left of two identical characters

    Hi, I'm trying to work on a formula that isolates values between two identical characters. On A1, there's PR1110-9_004-BloodGame-160x600. I want the result to populate on B1 with PR1110-9_004. So, the formula should isolate the value left of the second "-" Thanks.
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    Excel Formula Help

    I'm needing a formula that will determine the number of days that fall in a specific month based on a date range. For example, if I have a date range of 10/15/2009 to 01/13/2009, I need the formula to determine the number of days in each month within the range (October has 15 days in the date...
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    Drag handle - linking columns to rows

    Greetings, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I need to link a column of numbers in one worksheet to a row of another worksheet. We tried the transpose feature but that transposed static values instead of a live link. Here is what I’m working...
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    concatenating formulas and getting thousand separators

    I'm trying to get thousand separators to show up in my formula...the original cell (B11) has them, but they don't show up in the text result of the concatenation. HELP! =CONCATENATE("The two-way average traffic for your location is ",'Ad Calculator'!B11," vehicles. That's ",'Ad...
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    I have a very specific question about excel, please help!

    I am trying to combine the VLOOKUP and the IF functions in a different kind of way...I made this formula, and in theory it should reality it doesn't. this is my formula...I want it so that if in the cell G2 there is a certain name of a company then the result will be just...

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