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    Formula Help: Possible Nested IF/AND issue

    I'm having trouble coming up with a formula that will check for certain conditioners in a specific order. Any help is appreciated. If D144 is blank and E144 is not ‘Specific Text A or Specific Text B’, return E144. If D144 is Blank and E144 contains ‘Specific Text A’ return ‘Specific Text X’...
  2. Z

    Need Help Converting this Formula to Use CONCATENATE Instead of &

    I am stuck trying to convert this dynamic formula to use the CONCATENATE function instead of the &s. I am using an Excel add-in that does not accept "&" in formulas. I have tried several times to do this myself but cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. It doesn't seem to play nicely with the...
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    Applying a set value to columns until the value is reached

    Hi and thanks for helping. I'd like to apply a known deposit amount (B1) to a set of projected income for the year (B3 - M3) If the monthly income is less than the deposit a "No Invoice" is returned under the related month (example B4 & C4) If the deposit is applied, but there is a remainder...
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    Formaula Assistance

    I own a small business and I'm having trouble with employees adding incorrectly and I'm wanting to create a spreadsheet that will do the math for them. As a part of my business I sell lottery scratch off tickets. Each ticket is numbered and we count them down at the end of the day to determine...
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    If index match

    Hi all I could really do with some help as I can't get this formula right. I've been trying to use IF INDEX MATCH. IF A2 contains 2016 INDEX data from Column C MATCH H5 postcode with X5 postcode I basically have numbers in column C that I want listed in a new table, but only if cell A2...
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    Help with SUM formula based on data in separate table

    Could I get some assistance on a formula that I need in cell B11 below, where I'm looking to sum the total in column B for all of the units that are categorized as "old" (i.e. what's in cell A11) based on the table in F1:H7. <b>Excel 2013 64 bit</b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all"...
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    Help!!! I have no clue where to start.

    I am stumped! I am trying to figure out a formula and it is jut not working. I am working with SKU's and UPC's. Where I work I am dealing with product that has either a SKU or a UPC on it, and I am currently in the process of having to verify where product is in the warehouse. What I am needing...
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    Custom Data Validation Help

    Hi, I am trying to create a custom data validation and I need some help with the formula syntax. In my spreadsheet Column B has a drop down that says "Refund" and "Charge". I want to create the custom data validation in Column D to limit the number of characters in the cell so that any line...
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    PowerPivot: Add one product to another

    We are getting rid of some old products, and directing the demand for the old product to a new product. I am trying to setup a table which shows the change in demand for the new product. Here are some very simple tables which lays out what I am working with. I have a table called SKU_Mapping...
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    Frustrating Formula, Need Help!

    Hey there, Basically I have a tedious routine process that I think can be simplified by having excel do it for me in a formula. Only issue is that I'm not too great with these. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! The process is as follows: I receive a spreadsheet everyday with many...
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    Formula Help

    Hi, Can any one explain how to convert an excel content to html form which will help to code in macro. Ragrds, VK
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    Formula help - IF, OR, AND, VLookup? multiple conditions

    Hi all, I have the following fields of data: A2 'values': (shows the value 'low', 'mid' or 'high) B2 ' ratings': (shows a value rating of between 1-5) I need a formula to populate the %'s in the table below, based on the rating and value. I.e. If Rating is 1 and value is 'low' show 0, if...
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    Network Days & IF Statements

    Network Days & IF StatementsHi Guys, I hope you are all having a great friday I was just wondering if anyone could help me combine the power of Networkdays and IF Statement so currently I have a start Date In A1 and End Date in B1 then either AM,PM Or Full in C1 with the days total in D1...
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    Calculating Holidays

    I am needing to calculate holidays that I can use as part of the workday function. I used the following formula for Thanksgiving but need help understanding what it is doing so I can calculate these other holidays. =DATE(C2,11,1)+21+CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(DATE(C2,11,1)),4,3,2,1,0,6,5) --C2 is the...
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    Iferror formula help

    Hello. I need help creating a formula to compare and look for items between sheet1 and sheet2 below. Sheet1 is a report I can run to see what lines currently exist in our system. Sheet2 is an example of what the monthly invoice looks like. I need to determine what the line numbers are (from...
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    How to make a lookup Case Sensitive

    Hi, I am working on combining a list based on an unique Account ID's. But the formula needs to be case sensitive. I have tried the following formula but continue to get an error no matter what I do. I have never used an index formula before so this might be an easy fix that I am just not...
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    Date Outstanding - Requested, Responded and Today

    Hello, Is there a way to setup an excel formula to provide a day outstanding number? I need it to do the following: Subtract Date requested from todays date unless date responded is filled in. Thanks in advance, Grahfchart
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    VLOOK UP & Pivot Tables? HELP!

    Can anyone help with this formula? Its beyond me, but I have been told it can be achieved with Excel, I need a formula that I can input information to a specific job number, so when i change between jobs the information is store individually to the specific job number not sure if this a pivot...
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    Difference Ignoring Negative Numbers

    Hello, I am trying to find a formula that will find the difference between two columns but ignore negative numbers in any of the columns. Column A ("Gross Reserve") is a reserve for an insurance claim (the amount we expect to pay) and Column B ("Amount Paid") is the amount we have actually...
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    Need help building a formula

    Hello, I have a series of names and values assigned to each of these names. I need to add "all" the values assigned to the same name and post this total in each of the rows. Please see the example below - I have to add all the values from Line amount and Tax amount for each contact and input...

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