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    Massive File Size Increase - Clues on how to correct?

    I have a file which brings a dispatch list (copy/import), and combines the dispatch (jobs & dates) with a file located on the server (descriptions & rates) and shows them on another sheet in my main file (working_dispatch). I recently moved my network files to a shared drive so multiple...
  2. N

    Find only formula result which has updated

    Hi, i am using office 2007 and i need some help with automating a spreadsheet. my spreadsheet has 2 tabs "Active" and "RegData" "RegData" is a list of numbers which is updated daily (the previous days data is not stored) "Active" tracks which numbers are on the RegData tab and then updates...
  3. M

    Formula Fails to Update when referenced values are entered

    I have a 2 sheet workbook, one of which contains a table with the following formula: =IF(ISERROR(INDEX(Data!$A$1:$K$999,SMALL(IF(Data!$A$1:$K$999='Group P2 Grid'!$C$170,ROW(Data!$A$1:$K$999)),ROW(Data!$2:$999)),3)),"",INDEX(Data!$A$1:$K$999,SMALL(IF(Data!$A$1:$K$999='Group P2...
  4. C

    Formulas won't update

    Hey guys, Having an odd issue; formulas between two sheets aren't updating unless I hit Ctl-alt-F9. (just a simple Sumif statement calculating between two sheets). Have checked and calculations are set to automatic, and have tried swapping it off automatic and back on. I'll be needing to...
  5. B

    My formulas won't update when I insert a row - Help!

    I have a spreadsheet for recording various financial data, at the bottom of which are subtotals [subtotal(9,range)] of some but not all columns. I've got the following Code to insert new rows, copying formulas from a hidden row at the top of the spreadsheet. A = Int(InputBox("No...
  6. L

    Update formula

    Hi All, I am using Excel 2003 and have been having a problem lately with formulas in my worksheets that will not update automatically. Say for example that I have data in Sheet 1 in cells A1 and B1. And then I have a formula in Sheet 2 that adds these values together (=a1+b1). There are...

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