1. P

    Multiple a dynamic Range based on conditions

    Hi everyone, I have a bit of convoluted question regarding multiplying dynamic amounts based on date and time conditions. I have tried a fair few different formulas including sumproduct, vlookup and ifs - but nothing gives the right answer. This is quite a large sheet so I have only copied...
  2. R

    A Macro that imports row data from another sheet?

    Hi everyone, I need a Macro that populates a range of cells with a formula. At first, I thought this would be an easy problem... but I'm starting to think that it is a more advanced problem than I originally guessed. To explain: In my spreadsheet, I have two sheets: PERM_DATA and...
  3. A

    To Find the difference of values through their crossing points on the Graph

    Hi, I have data in column B from Cell B5 onward. I have timestamps in column A from A5 onward. The graph has two lines, one is Blue and other one is Orange. Blue line comes out through the data in column E from E30 onward. Orange line comes out through the data in column F from F30 onward...
  4. R

    how to: If formula with 3 conditions on multiple columns to create a pivot table

    hello all, I am open to suggestion on how to build the pivot table i am after OR just the formula to return the value i need to then try and build the pivot table. Thank you in advance!! I am trying to create a pivot table template that will return a view by name if any area in certain columns...
  5. L

    Auto recognize weekends with month as row/day as column?

    Hello, I have a worksheet set up like this for us to paste in data we get from a daily report, and at the end we will have some percentage calculation, however there will be some columns with no data since they are weekends. Is there a way for excel to recognize those in this format and put a...
  6. H

    How to have a calculation shift down 7 cells per 1 result cell.

    I am trying to do a summation of how many labs occur per week from a daily count on another sheet. However, I can not get the summation to shift down 7 days at a time. Is there a way to do this? Weekly summary: From the Daily Counts: I need It to sum a week at a time like this. Then , the...
  7. E

    Counting a range of values, in a range of cells as well as a different range of values in another cell/range of cells

    Hi All, First time poster, long time supporter. Formula's requiring more than basic functions drive me crazy trying to fix as MS are absolutely useless in helping to solve the error in their own program! Anyway, I have a row of values in the form of percentages for KPI's and I want to count...
  8. N

    Automated Status Cell

    Hello, Im wondering if you could help with 2 formulas on a Action Tracker im building which will be used by a team to continually monitor and manage their work. Ideally we want to capture items which don't look achievable so we can reorganize resources and items which are overdue Formula 1 -...
  9. K

    RE: Excel formula/VBA code to automatically update the mapping key

    Hi Folks, Based on signage mapping key needs to be updated. I have updated the excel file sample for your reference. Detailed explanation below: 1) I have an sheet named "Pivot" which contains item details along with its amount related to sales data. What i exactly need is - Excel formula...
  10. N

    Julian date and time conversion.

    Having some problems getting the correct month and days to populate. Does anyone have a good formula to convert a 4 digit Julian date and copy the time over from one cell to the adjacent cell. data I have: 2182/0950 (yddd/hhmm) conversion I am trying to achieve: 1 July/0950
  11. F

    IF Formula

    Can you please help with a formula that does the following for the screenshot attached? if sum(E4:I4)<E12, give E12-SUM(E4:I4) IF SUM(E4:I4)>E12, give E12-E4 but IF E4="" , give E12-F4 IF F4="", give E12-G4 IF G4="", give E12-H4 IF H4="", give E12-I4
  12. M

    Formula for incidence frequency based on value in another column

    Hello, I do bird surveys and I gather a lot of data. I am trying to calculate the number of point counts on which a species is present. My data looks like this: I am trying to find the number of times a sample station (column A), has at least one instance of a species (column E). Or put...
  13. Jyggalag

    Make excel macro refer to other sheet than itself

    Hi all, I currently have this code, which saves my sheet (entitled "Sheet3") as a PDF: Option Explicit Sub SaveFileWithMacro() Dim Path As String Dim fn As String Path = "S:\Path\PDF files\" fn = Range("A63") ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=Path & fn & ".pdf" End...
  14. Chris_010101

    Filter messes with VBA

    Hello, I am using the below code, which moves a row to another sheet based upon the value of a drop-down list item. However, if the data on the sheet the row is moving to is filtered, instead of adding the copied row to the first blank row at the bottom of the data, it overwrites a row of...
  15. Saher Naji

    How to create a consecutive between 2 number in excel

    for example, I have 33 in cell A1, and 40 in cell B1, I want a formula in cell C1, to write an arithmetic sequence from 33 to 40 like this: 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40
  16. R

    Value error Today function

    Hi, I have this formula: =(PROPER(TEXT(TODAY();"[$-809] ddd d/mm/jj"))) which is initially a Dutch language formula (hence the "jj" and the ";"), but I wanted to return the days in English so I added the locale code 809. The formula works perfectly on my work computer (Excel 2016 32-bit) but...
  17. B

    Adding a column in Excel to behave the same as an Access autonumber field

    Hi One of my colleagues has asked if it's possible to add a column in Excel which increments a number every time a value is entered in another column. In other words, he wants the Excel equivalent of an autonumber field in Access. The number would be unique, and 'permanent' in the sense that...
  18. L

    CONCAT only if cell does NOT contain specific text

    I have the following CONCAT formula that works great - '=CONCAT(H5," ",I5," ",J5," ",K5," ",L5," $",M5) However, I need it to become an IF forumula so that if H5 does NOT contain a "-" than this forumula will just give me the H5 value (as if the formula for this cell is just '=H5 but if the...
  19. Chris_010101

    Moving a Row based on Formula Value

    Hello I have created an absence spreadsheet by which when an employee reaches 4 weeks absence (column J), they are classed as Long Term Sick. What I would like, is a piece of VB code which automatically moves the entire row to another sheet labelled LTS (> 4 Weeks), once the formula in...
  20. P

    Formula to lookup values from two tables and combine to a third table IF value is column is not empty and duplicate

    Hi, I have two PowerPivot table that I want to combine and copy information to a third table, however the search criteria is empty as the two PowerPivot tables' amount of data changes from month to month. 1) I want the formula in column K for table 3 to be able to copy values from column B...
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