1. M

    Using ‘isin’ function in excel-help!

    Hello! Need help on how can insert the function ‘isin’ into my excel. I see it is used on a different users excel file. I am finding I need to use this ‘isin.’ I am unable to find much information on how to use ‘isin’ as a formula in excel. Thank you!
  2. B

    Formula Woes

    Good morning all, I have recently been helped with a formula that I had been struggling with. I have 4 cells that will either contain a date or not, I would like the earliest date displayed in cell L2. As it stands if D2 is empty then so is L2, however if i only have 1 date in 1 of the 4 cells...
  3. G

    VBA Copy data to another work book based on CONDITIONS

    Hi Team, I would like to copy data from one work book to another. The data has to be copied from BookA to BookB. However, the issue is that I am not allowed to edit the vba in BookB. Book A has a list of names and their forecasts. Book B also has a list of names and forecast but it also has a...
  4. Johnny Thunder

    Formula Help - SumProduct Formula to return value only once in the event of duplicate row

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of PO Numbers, the list may at times have the same PO repeated on different rows. I need a modification to my formula to be able to only show the result once if there is a duplicate row. Not sure of a way to do this so hopefully someone has...
  5. J

    List of values based on criteria in two places...

    Hi there, I am currently using a tracking spreadsheet to list out titles of people who started in my organization and the days it took to hire them. The problem I am running into is based on the fact they are occasionally stored in an interim place if they have accepted an offer, but not...
  6. F

    Formula or macro

    I have a cell H5 which the amount is changeable dependent on the day. In column b I fill these cells with numbers from 1-20 but need it to give me some sort of notice to remind others that we have reached whatever number is in Cell H5 (and multiples of that number) e.g H5=70....70, 140, 210,280...
  7. J

    Formula for counting

    I am trying to achieve the results in D3. I'm in need of a formula that will count unique names, ignoring the blanks and duplicates. Also ignoring the word "na" and "ns"
  8. A

    Vlookup and match

    Hi all, I have the following table. In Cell B5 I'll have the value of Region 1 and in Cell C4 I'll have the value of T1.3. I'd like to have a formula that will return "Yes" if T1.3 is in the row that contains Region 1. Row Column R Column S Column T Column U 44 Region Priority One...
  9. J

    counting, ignoring multiple words and blanks

    I need formulas that will count unique occurrences, certain words while Ignoring blank cells and duplicates. I am trying to achieve the results in cells D8 and D9. In this case, I need to count occurrences that starts with W81UTH excluding duplicates and blank cells. I also need to count ALL...
  10. K

    Formula was working but now it doesn't.

    Hello, I have a formula that (used to) work. It would work out the date of a task whether or not it has a dependency on another task or not and act accordingly. It is below...
  11. J

    Formula help, counting unique occurences.

    I am looking for a formula that will count unique occurrences that start with W81UTH, ignoring duplicates and blank cells. Also looking for a formula that will count unique occurrences that does NOT start with W81UTH, ignoring duplicates and blank cells. I want to achieve the desired results...
  12. M

    Need formula to find partial string match in a separate column and return adjacent value

    I've found formulas where you can use a "wild card", so to speak, to find a partial string match within another column: =IFERROR(INDEX(E:E,MATCH("*"&C1&"*",D:D,0)),"") For instance, this formula would find "dog" (C1) in "took the dog out" (D3) and return "yesterday" (E2). However my strings...
  13. M

    Countifs in DAX

    Hi Guys, I have some problems with counting ID's that meet 2 conditions but on a different row. Can someone help me out with a formula? See the table below for example. Thanks a lot! ID ID Condition 1 Condition 2 If ID meets condition 1 and 2 then return ID, else return blank 1001...
  14. S

    Calculate hourly rate when SOME of the records are LESS than an hour?

    My formula is Daily Rate / (Total Hours * 24) Worked great until I hit a computation with 53 minutes. Background: job pays $45, and can take up to 3 hours, but often takes less time. For the first time, the job only took 53 minutes. The formula returns an hourly rate of $0.08 instead of a...
  15. H

    convert Array Formula to Non-Array

    Hello All just trying to get the following array formula to a non-array {=IFERROR(INDEX(TRADES!$D$2:$D$2000,MATCH(1,(TRADES!$A$2:$A$2000=B3)*(TRADES!$C$2:$C$2000=DATE($F$1,$N$1,$E$1)),0)),"")} Thanks
  16. D

    Help Request - Nested formulas in a SUMIFS formula

    Every month I get a ledger from my property management company detailing what expenses were incurred. Unfortunately, it's not setup to be easily digestible. So, I've decided to parse out the data into something where I can more easily understand it. I'm trying to write a formula which...
  17. M

    Please help!! Need help with specialized formula.

    Hi everyone, Thank you in advance for your help! <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> <colgroup><col style="width: 142px"><col width="142"><col width="142"></colgroup><tbody> A B 1 10/24/19 =A1+10 2 #b7e1cd[/URL] , align...
  18. W

    Sum the entire column of named range except the first row

    Hi Folks, I have a question, is there a way (a formula) that i can put in a first cell of a named column and have the formula sum the entire column EXCEPT the first cell of that same named range? This formula "=sum(index("My Named Range",,11))" results in a circular error because its trying to...
  19. W

    Sum conditional formatted cells

    Hi all, I am trying to sum all of the green cells (see picture @ Green cells are formatted using a conditional formatting formula rule. The purpose of the formating is to highlight every cells in columns U that I have room for in my budget (C8) starting from the top...
  20. L

    Conditional Format formula

    I would appreciate any help with the following. A1 contains the name of a city say Reading. F1 contains a mnemonic for that city which in this case is logically RE. However the RE is not always the only letters in the cell. So what I need is a CF formula that will check if the first 2...

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