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    Hyperlink icon or Hyperlink formula

    Hi, I am creating a summary sheet book with hyperlink icon or hyperlink formula to the another workbook “datasheet“ however i found the below issues. 1. For the right click and create hyperlink, it is easy to do but when I save as the summary sheet workbook and the another workbook "datasheet"...
  2. P

    Index match or find the maximum matching value

    Hi All, I am trying to design a formular, I have a list of products with its descriptions. Also I developed a function called similarity which determine two cells similartity %. So Now I have a list of new products and old products list with its functions. Is it possible in B15 and B16 to use...
  3. P

    How to do OR operator in FIND formular

    Hello, I have the following formular: =FIND("*",H12) This searches for the first * character in cell H12, and returns the character position of that *. And it works great! However, I have a condition where sometimes H12 doesnt contain any * characters, and has a hash (#) character instead...
  4. B

    Formular Array

    when i run the macro i get Unable to set the formular array property of the range class Columns("B:B").Select Selection.Copy Columns("M:M").Select Selection.Insert Shift:=xlToRight Application.CutCopyMode = False Selection.Copy Columns("N:N").Select Selection.Insert...
  5. L

    Formatting cells based on date < date

    Hello I have a spreadsheet with dates in collum E, P and S. The dates in Collumn E and P are Manually entered. The dates in Colums S are based on culumn E with the simple formular =E:E+91. Collumn E indicate when the different projects starts. Collumn P are delivered dates and Culum S are...
  6. D

    How to calculate the Average time period of a full oscilation on a set of data

    Hey Everybody! I hope you guys are having a great day! I am currently working on something and I am really stuck and was wondering whether anybody had an idea of how to solve this problem. So If you look in the spreadsheet which I have attached in column H you can see a long list of data...
  7. A

    Auto future date calculations between one column to another with remider? *Help*

    Hello all, I am a novice and before writing this post I did try to see if this question had been answered previously. I have data in a date format in column "I" which I would like to be automatically entered in the neighbouring cells in column "J" but with 3 months added to the original date...
  8. S

    How to skip number of rows from list

    Hi Friends, I have five spreadsheets in which each spreadsheet contains 100 rows of text(instead of text I put a1, a2, a3 row names to easy construct formula but its kind of confusing to me). looking for a formula which can skip every: 1 row in sheet1 2 rows in sheet2 3 rows in sheet3 4 rows...
  9. D

    adapting a formular

    Hi <tbody> Apples Bananas Shopping 1 1 1 2 1 </tbody> Say i want to put a formula in the shopping column that will put a 1 in the shopping column if there is no figure in Apples and a figure in Bananas. I also want a want to leave it blank if there is any figures in Apples...
  10. C

    Link, Lookup or macro to display a picture

    ok so do I need a formular or macro? (ps rather have a formular) if cell A1's value is populated from a Lookup formular I want a specific photo to appear next to it. ie: A1 = "dog" so photo "dog" is there, if A! = "cat" then photo 'cat' pops up if A1 = "bird" then "bird" appears. photos may...
  11. H

    NOVICE! Formular for 20% VAT...?

    Hi every one, Ive been glued to this forum for seval hours now, reading older posts, but Im going to admit defeat before my brain explodes!! OK so Im a novice with excel, but I dont want to be beaten! Also before answering, can you help me by just keeping it simple, and basing it on 100-20%...
  12. J

    Excel formula has stumped me! HELP!

    ok im trying to create a sheet for my girlfriend. she has stomach problems depending on what she eats. ive made a sheet so she can put down everything she eats and give it a score out of five depending on how she feels the next day. the problem is i need to add all these scored cells up and...

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