1. P

    Rounding decimals to the nearest quarter

    I am working on a staff schedule budget. I am trying to calculate based on budget and rate how may hours an employee can work. Here is the catch, while an employee may get a budget of $2889.00 at a rate of $15.00/hr which would give them 192.6 hours. However, since our timesheet system only...
  2. S

    Excel VBA Insert Row Code Works - How to Update Code to Include Formulas and Formatting?

    I have the below code that uses a command button. It will insert a row when the value changes in column K starting at row 11 (colors). It works great, but I wonder if there is a way to add in the formulas and formatting to the inserted rows? Dim LR As Long, i As Long LR = Range("K" &...
  3. D

    Formula's #Value when excel sheet updates Links

    Hi, I've got some SumIFS, and CountIFS when my sheet updates it's links to other sheets, that should have no impact on the forumla's the 2 previous mentioned formula's seem to corrupt. The formula's work if i choose not to update the sheet, and also work if i open the sheet after i update the...
  4. O

    Cell value that changes depending on the current date.

    Hi there, I am preparing a budgeting document and for one of the items I require the value in a cell to change depending on what day of the month it is: For example, if the budget for something is £3500, I want cell J13 to show: 3500/4 if the current date is the 1st-7th of the month...
  5. R

    Create a total from 2 columns that each hold either a dollar or cents value

    I have one dollar column with several entries and one cents column with 2 decimal points to the right with several entries. such as: 27 65 35 42 66 34 97 15 100 23 ______ 326 79 ______ If these columns are totaled in the row below it will come to $325 and 179c in the separate...
  6. A

    If then formula for a blank cell

    I have been looking for a formula that will produce a blank cell under certain circumstances. I have found some formulas for this, but not to the level of detail I need it. I've tried "ISBLANK, "SUMIF" and "IF" and I'm stuck. I need D1 to produce a blank cell if A1 and B1 and C1 are blank. If...
  7. A

    New To Excel

    Hi is there anyone who has a spreadsheet for scheduling employees that can also limit availability. I want to be able to only be able to schedule the staff for any given shift according to when they are available. For instance, Employee A, is available not available Tuesdays or Fridays and can...
  8. F

    Week / Date Formula Help

    I am working on a forecasting spreadsheet for mailers. These mailers go out at different times, and I want to be able to forecast the projected response by week. For any mailer, Week 1 will forecast 3% return, Week 2 will forecast 40%, and so on. However, this is all based on when the mailer...

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    Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() Dim Xrg As Range Set Xrg = Range("K1") If Not Intersect(Xrg, Range("K1")) Is Nothing Then MsgBox...

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