1. E

    i need some help in a frame

    i'm using this code to auto add textboxes inside the userform Dim i As IntegerFor i = 1 To Sheets("sheet8").Range("a10000").End(xlUp).Row Set tBox = Controls.Add("forms.textbox.1") With tBox .Name = "textbox" & i .Left = 20 .Height = 20 .Top = i * 20 .Width = 160 .Font.Size = 12 Me("textbox"...
  2. kelly mort

    Closeup datepicker with VBA code

    I have this datepicker that I have placed on a frame in order to hide it and show it in various instances. Now I am using the "mouseMove " event from a parent frame to hide or show the datepicker. It responded fine. The only issue here is that when the datepicker is opened, after hiding the...
  3. Z

    Userform Frame automatically adjust based on cell value

    Not sure if this is even possible, but I have a userform that has a width of 588 when fully viewed. What I'm wondering is when the user opens this I could have the width set at 150. And if in textbox2 they enter a 2 then the width of this frame will expand to 294. If the value entered in...
  4. M

    Fill in a dynamic created textbox with text a combination of checkbox and option buttons selected.

    Once again I bow to the superior knowledge of the group to see if I what i want to do can be done. I have a user from that is the first part of a mass email script that I am trying to write. What I would like is select one or several checkboxes in the first frame and then select 1 optionbutton...
  5. D

    How to stop Frame Scroll Bar from jumping in vba

    Good day all, I have a userform with a frame (Frame1) consisting a vertical scroll bar of height set to 1000 , the Frame houses 160 textboxes arranged in 40 rows and 4 columns. The 40 textboxes on the first column each have a list box. The problem is when I double click on the list box...
  6. D

    Clear Option button from userform

    Hi all, I try to understand why my code to clear option button does not work. I know how to clear listbox or textbox from userform, code below ListBox2.Clear TextBox1 = "" But from various optionbuttons in frame, it does not work Here I have 2 frames, with 4 option button in the 1st...
  7. B

    Loop through all objects in a frame

    Hi, I am curious if there is a way to loop through all control objects in a userform frame or do I have to loop through all objects in the userform and look for that particular frame as a parent? For instance, can I use a for each item in frame type loop? My Current code draws a mistype error...
  8. Y

    Mouse Scroll wheel for frame scroll bar

    I need a code for mouse wheel to scroll the scrollbar on a frame. Note: the userform itself is modeless.
  9. Deladier

    QR Code without blank frame

    Hello experts. I need to generate QR Code with Excel,and I already done it using a vba code that I saw in Youtube, it works very good, but I need to get rid off the frame around the QR code. How can I do this?. Here is the vba code:
  10. R

    Frame Fonts "warping"/changing size

    Hi Folks, Sometimes re-sizing a Frame on a UserForm will "warp" the font size in some (but not all) lines of Text or in Control captions. I haven't been able to figure out any pattern(s) to this phenomenon—it just makes things look weird, especially if/when using mono-spaced fonts. It doesn't...
  11. MPW

    How do I Dynamically identify the frame of an active control?

    I am using the age old loop through the controls ie. For Each cCont1 In Workshop.Frame2.Controls If TypeName(cCont1) = "TextBox" Then etc., etc. My question is "How do I identify the frame that the control resides in?" I have 10...
  12. S

    Formula to look up a value form a chart

    Hello, I have a chart set up as following... (Chart 1) B C D E F G H I <tbody> ML Frame Chassis 1 Chassis 2 Chassis 3 Chassis 4 Chassis 5 Chassis 6 ML1 Frame 1 1-576...
  13. L

    Assign macro to Button inside ActiveX Frame

    Hello experts, as I did not find solution anywhere and dont know how to solve it myself, I would like to ask you for help :-( I have sheet (for example sheet1), on that sheet I have Frame(Active X controls), inside this frame is button and I dont know, how to assign macro to this button...
  14. L

    Identify textbox in Activex Frame (in another Frame)

    Hello guys, hope somebody can help me :-) I am working now with ActiveX controls and stucked little bit.. on sheet1 I have ActiveX Frame, inside this Frame I have another two frames and inside those frames, I will have textboxes...Do you pls know, how can I identify those textboxes and extract...
  15. P

    I need help with a combobox that will show a particular frame based upon the selection and hide the others.

    So what I have is a userform that have a Combobox that asks what type of operation you are doing (ie Saw, Laser, Mill, Outsource). Each one of these operation has different questions than all of the rest (Saw - Do you need to add extra to the length for cleanup? Laser - Do you need a new...
  16. S

    Need help on button

    Hi guys, need some help here. I will like to click on a button that seems to appear on the top frame and once click it will appear on the main frame. So how should I go abt writing it. span class=“btn float_left ” em class=“btnleft” o n c lick=“tocustomerview()" I will click on the button...
  17. J

    VBA: pull current accumulated values from database into other WS

    Dear Experts, I really need your assistance on this task. Please have a look and thanks in advance. Tasks: 1). To pull current accumulated values in the column(ENDQTYMAIN) from database("RawData") WS to another WS("DASHBOARD") in the column(TURNS) based on criteria which would be STAGE column...
  18. M

    Controlling frame order

    When you have 2 frames in a userform overlapping, how do you control which frame is on top?
  19. M

    passing a frame name to a subroutine

    I'm trying to create a subroutine (actually two) The first finds the coordinates of the frame and stores the value, then sets the values I need to explode the frame size. Sub displayframe(frm As msforms.Frame) With frm ht = .Height wdth = .Width Tp = .Top lft = .Left...
  20. R

    Move a Frame in a Userform to a different page

    I know how to move a frame in a page i.e. Frame1.Top = 100 What I want to do is move it to a different page Tried Frame1.MultiPage1.Pages(3).Top = 100 but it wouldn't work Thanks

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