1. B

    Pattern Transfer: Excel copy-paste tool, for data transformation

    Hi everybody I'd like to share my Excel copy-paste / data transformation tool called Pattern Transfer: The tool allows you to configure source and destination data "patterns" so that you can transform the data structure of many records, quickly and accurately. There's a...
  2. J

    Countif not returning the value I need.

    Please forgive the noobness here. I didnt know how to sum 2 cells together at the start and managed this monstrosity after one month of free time. Cell n408 is returning the date I want and cell p408 is not. Once I understand why I can fix the rest. Thanks for any insight...
  3. K

    Data Entry Dilemma

    I have two columns that the user needs to update. One column is a checkbox (actually a wingding font) and the other is a cell with free data. I want them to be able to double click on the checkbox cell but not enter any data. I want them to be able to click on free data cell and enter data. I...
  4. M

    Looking for a way to distribute left over cash flows over other loans

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to distribute left over cash flows to other loan repayments. At the moment I have a percentage input of the free cash flows to be distributed over 5 different loans. Those free cash flows are annual and the percentages are fixed. At some point in time, 1 of those...
  5. Expiry

    Microsoft Office - non subscription

    I was having problems with my mac and had to basically wipe it clean and start again. I sensibly saved all my files and docs etc. I stupidly forgot all about my MS Office suite. I really don't want to subscribe with a monthly fee. I really hate the online free versions. I can't find my key...
  6. C

    Little Nudge needed to get me home free

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get a Word document to open (so that it updates its date) and then save it to a designated folder as a pdf. I tried to adapt a great macro I got in this forum but to no avail. Here is the code, thus far: <code/>Sub SubTest() Dim Pth As String, Fname As String...
  7. G

    Separating one or multiple 5 digit numbers in a text string.

    Hi All, New here, first posting. Kinda fun. I am working with some free text data that includes one of multiple five digit numbers I need to separate out. I have found an equation from here that pulled one code, but not all. Could be up to 8 in one free text set. I am not good with VBA, so...
  8. D

    Free CRM Template

    Hi looking to create a CRM system for our business has anyone got any recommendations? Thanks
  9. R

    Warehousing and Storage Cost Calculation Question

    I’m trying to figure out a formula that does this: I want 12 columns for each month. In these columns will be calculations that adds the cost of storage based on the number of days that particular item is being stored. The first 15 days of storage is free, then .50 afterwards. How can I have...
  10. H

    Check Value

    Hi, I have made a simple shift schedule. i can't figure out a good solution. When cell W22 = "FREE" and i'll type in the name of U22 anywhere in W4:W18 i must gett a message not possible because U22 is vrij (free) Also for the other names there must be a check. <colgroup><col...
  11. C

    Select multiple columns, copy and paste in the next free colum

    Saw many different formulas for selecting cells etc but couldnt find an answer to my question: a) I need to select the whole Columns A, B an C (lets say), n have it copied to D (that is free). Then the contents will be cpied to D, E, F. Next time I ru the script, it must copy ABC and paste to...
  12. R

    Month and free text

    How can I autofill cells with MMM-YY and a free text? For example, COSTS OCT-18 and then drag this to the next cells to get COSTS NOV-18, etc. Thank you!
  13. D

    Excel Table with Wrapped Text fields

    I have an excel file that contains an extract from a database. The rows come out messed up. There is a free text field in some of the rows that gets put on a second empty row (like word wrap). If the free text area has a small size, it will stay in the same row as the main data. When I bring...
  14. M

    SQL Query - Newbie

    Hi, (new to SQL) this may not be the best way to do this but does anyone know how I amend my code to NOT CONTAINS, currently this code searches for partial text anywhere in string, but I would like to adapt to partial text not anywhere in sting? Thank you --FREE LEGALS PRODUCT , CASE...
  15. T

    Find "brand" keywords in free text fields

    background: I'm building a reference file of branded product names. My aim is to have a clean list that can be used to search through a free text fields from a CRM system. I want to find brand-names, but do not want common words like "account" or "management", since that will return almost...
  16. C

    Change Decimal to mm:ss.00 format

    Can anyone help? I'm new to forum and this is defeating me but cannot give up!! I have lots of swimming time data which has been input manually using a decimal instead of a colon between minutes and seconds, how can I convert this? Changing the format to this does not work as some times have...
  17. C

    Calculate value for postive numbers only

    Hi everyone, Can anyone point me in the direction of where I am going wrong. I am trying to sum 2 cells , but only if positive number. This seems easy enough but I cannot get the formula to work. Column D = Qty on hand Column P = Cost Column T = free stock qty (Which can be a negative...
  18. H

    Online Training

    I would like some recommendations of some online Excel training (intermediate & Advanced) as well as Power Pivot & query online training it would be appreciated if someone can recommend any (paid or free)
  19. S

    Alternative to print2excel

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here knew of an alternative to the Print2Excel software which has been retired and no longer for sale: I have a client that was using the free version but would like to purchase the paid version but is, obviously, not able to do so...
  20. A

    Cannot Delete Entire Row using For Loop

    Hi Mr Excel Fans, can you kindly help me with this code below: it will not delete the entire row when Column U contains data called "FREE", how ever it will change the colour of it ' Will not delete the entire row if data matched in column U For i = 6 To LastRowFind If...

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