freeze cells

  1. S

    Columns freezing Options

    i have this excel sheet in which the upper columns are freeze in a way when i click any cell it shows the freezes cells. or if the range of freeze columns is select and i scrool down it remain on top even it take place of A,B,C,D.....
  2. K

    How Do i freeze cells?!

    <tbody> Numbers 1 Merged merged 2 merged merged 3 merged merged </tbody> PROBLEM: I have a drop down menu in my data set i.e (numbers) and when I filter for 1 & 3 it hides my merged data in that row. I'd like to be able to filter without collapsing my merged cells. Let me...
  3. T

    Excel Multiple Row Freeezin at Different Area

    Hi, I have a question about the Freeze feature; Is it possible to use it to make multiple frozen rows but not using them adjacent to each other. I mean I don't want to select two row and make them one frozen row. I made some researches about it, but I'm not sure whether I used the right...
  4. A

    How to freeze a cell on a specific condition

    Hi there !! :-) Could someone please help me with this. Say i have two cell A1 and A4 If a specific condtion is met in A1 { Say if value of a1 =3 } then A4 should freeze and should not exept any value. Help will be much appreciated. Thank you
  5. T

    freeze cell to use and auto calculate the data there?

    hi i have made a GPA calculation excel sheet now i what i want is that user only input the numbers of subjects and when he come to last subject he go to next cell to enter subject 1 and he cannot go to cell that is after subject 4 and those colums calculate and show results the excel sheet is...
  6. andrewb90

    Freezing/Splitiing Cells

    Hello All, I have been searching for answers to this and have not found anything helpful, so I am not sure if what I want is doable, but I'll see if anybody has some good Ideas. In the range A2:D18 I have some information I would like on the screen at all times. The user part of the...
  7. D

    How do I freeze just the top few rows of excel and work with the rest?

    To all of you excel experts out there. I have a question. How do I freeze say the top 5 or 6 rows on a worksheet so that I can not change them or manupulate them whatsoever, but still be able to move, modify or manipulate ALL the data below those rows. For example, can I freeze any number of...
  8. V

    Filtering specific columns

    I am trying to filter columns a-e inclusive but column F,G,H,I,J have a summary of all the data that is in columns a-e on rows 1-15. This summary cannot be moved as it pulls specific information using formulas. I need to be able to filter columns a-e (row 1 is the header row) but not impact my...

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