freeze pane

  1. T

    Excel Multiple Row Freeezin at Different Area

    Hi, I have a question about the Freeze feature; Is it possible to use it to make multiple frozen rows but not using them adjacent to each other. I mean I don't want to select two row and make them one frozen row. I made some researches about it, but I'm not sure whether I used the right...
  2. N

    How to create multiple frozen rows on a worksheet

    I have the following data and would like to be able to freeze the different section title rows so the user can easily scroll through the data instead of the whole document. 04.22.2016-12.39.03 - NickieDay's library Is this possible? Thank you Nickie
  3. S

    Freeze Panes re-setting after a Custom View?

    I hope there's an explanation for this. I'm setting a custom view that has certain sorts set on my data. I'm filtering by columns E and I. Once I've applied the custom view, I go to Data-> Sort & Filter-> Clear so that I can see all of my data again. When I do that, the data that was filtered...
  4. D

    Freeze Rows and Columns in Excel

    Hi All, I have an excel document where i want to freeze both the right and left side columns. Example: Excel allows to freeze specific row or column or left and top of particular cell, however I want to freeze the Column A and as well as Column J and also 3rd Row. Can any one please help me...
  5. Johnny Thunder

    Macro to freeze panes to all worksheets in my workbook.

    Hello all, I am trying to include code into the end of my macro that will look in all worksheets and freeze pane row $1:$1 Any ideas?

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