1. V

    Timer and Frequency counter Macro

    Hi VBA Gurus, I am looking for below excel macro..if that is possible..."Basically trying to set timer and frequency counter - for which values go below and above certain values (Please refer screenshot attached for exact format)" 1) Column A has Ratio which is formula fed by system feed...
  2. D

    Counting Unique Dates within a Date Range With One Critieria (with Photos)

    Hello All! I'm trying to create a formula that counts the number of unique dates within a date range based on the type of item. I've tried several different formulas and researched ways to do it, but each formula was so specific to the poster's specific problem, that it did not work so I...
  3. T

    Formula to return unique values based on 4 criteria

    Hello everybody, I want to count unique value with following formula, which usually works, but does not for this task. The extra add on is Data'!$AA:$AA;"*Dahl*" (I believe this is the reason it's not working) =SUM(--(FREQUENCY(IF(('Visit Data'!$AD:$AD="Distributor")*(ISNUMBER(SEARCH('Visit...
  4. M

    Sum Frequency with Wildcard

    Morning all, I've got a working Sum Frequency formula which counts unique matches. =SUM(--(FREQUENCY(IF((Driver!$A$2:$A$1973='Data Selection'!$A$1)*(Driver!$G$2:$G$1973="No"),MATCH(Driver!$D$2:$D$1973,Driver!$D$2:$D$1973,0)),ROW(Driver!$D$2:$D$1973)-ROW(OFFSET(Driver!$D$1,1,))+1)>0)) It works...
  5. M

    Returning the top 3 occuring text strings in a range

    I am using these 3 formulas to return the #1, #2 and #3 top referral source, in other words the value that appears the most times, 2nd most times and 3rd most times. It has been working perfectly until I today when the #2 and #3 happened to appear the same number of times. The result is that the...
  6. S

    Frequency of values in a huge asymmetrical range/ table

    Hi guys, I have tried googling and the things that I know. However, I am not getting the solution. I have an asymmetrical data set of names. It has approx 20000 rows. Column A is never empty for any of the rows. The farthest column that holds a value in it is "HZ" (not all rows have values...
  7. B

    Functional counting specific categories of data without adding to the data / Frequency

    Hi I'm hoping for some help to create some stats on the status of working through client jobs. First I must state that I can't use a pivot table or Visual Basic solution as there is a shared workbook which I don't control. I've simplified client on boarding in an example. I was wondering if...
  8. N

    Database as weekly reminder

    i have a series of clients that need work doing. each one has house work on at a different frequency. some weekly, some 2 weekly, some 6 weekly etc. in additional these clients have garden work on at a different frequency I would like to be able to add these clients to a database, say the work...
  9. C

    How do you count occurances of something over a period of time?

    I have a spread sheet with the following columns: <tbody> User name Date Time Time of Day Error Code Status John Doe 11/1/2016 12:25:01 AM 123 Success John Doe 11/1/2016 8:25:00 PM 123 Success Jane Doe 11/1/2017 8:25:00 AM 234 Failure </tbody> So I want to count how many times...
  10. S

    If, then formula for matching the count

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and am hoping someone can help me with a formula. I'd like to return a text if the count of a text of a range matches the count of a text in another range. Ex: Range 1: Return Text: Data Input (these will be dropdowns)...
  11. G

    Calculate Median from Frequency Table

    Hello, does anyone know of a formula to calculate the median from this frequency table? (assuming the list goes on, way beyond row 10) <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> number frequencies 0 1240 1 2395 2 5538 3 9837 4 14545 5 16061 6 21340 7 25770 8 22434 9 17497 10...
  12. E

    merging formula - assitance

    Mr Excel Query I currently have two formulas that I am trying to combine sothat the combined formula provides both outputs required I wonder if anyone could assist on the basis of info provided below The formal below are the 2 current versions I have in a cell W7 I would like to combine them...
  13. G

    counting trends over time - by hour, and by day

    Please forgive my appalling lack of Excel vocabulary. I'm not even sure what what I'm trying to do is called. :) I have a spreadsheet to track the time and frequency of occurrences, say phone calls. My data is like: Weekday Date 9:00 hour 10:00 hour 11:00...
  14. srizki

    Frequency formula

    I have names in column A, and frequency in column B, some fames are repeated 10 times while most of them are only once. I have count if formula in column B, I need a formula that adds up the frequency only once. So if let’s say name UK appears 7 times, US 11 times and Pakistan 4 times, Sweden 4...
  15. J

    Need Help?? (Not sure what function to use)

    Hi, I am trying to write a formula that will tell me if a client is new or existing. Below is some sample data of the file I am working with. <colgroup><col><col><col span="25"></colgroup><tbody> Client New/Existing Feb-17 Mar-17 Apr-17 May-17 Jun-17 Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Oct-17 Nov-17 Dec-17...
  16. G

    Sum of max consecutive frequency match with multiple columns and multiple criteria

    SUM OF MAX CONSECUTIVE FREQUENCY OF MATCH OVER MULTIPLE COLUMNS WITH MULTIPLE CRITERIA I wish to solve for the sum of the maximum frequencies in multiple columns with multiple criteria, using a formula that will prevent errors. IF D9="","", SUM MAX FREQUENCY IF D9 matches...
  17. S

    Frequency function with text

    Hi everyone, below are two columns and I want result from column1 like below here in the RESULT column, I can't use frequency function because values are not strings. Could you please help me here? <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> COLUMN1 RESULT SVC-1 2 SVC-1 0 FALSE 0 FALSE 0...
  18. B

    Purchase Frequency Worksheet

    Hello all, Would anyone have a Purchase Frequency Worksheet they wouldn't mind sharing. I am able to extract the data from our system, I just want to put it in a spreadsheet and make any changes for our needs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob
  19. P

    detect in the front pair in each group of the corresponding 7 and its frequency

    please detect the front double of the pick3 and see the amount of each groups. Step 1, put the pickings of the pick3 in ascending order Step 2 separate the front pair. 3º detect in the frontal pair in which of the 7 groups 4º to see the frequency (quantity of each group)...
  20. T

    Frequency syntax

    Hello Recently I got some help on here putting a frequency function into a worksheet. I've been using & adapting this as required. This is typical of the formula I've been using. {=SUM(--(FREQUENCY(IF($V$4:$V$498="UNITED 1",MATCH($AD$4:$AD$498,Nov2018Daily!$AD$4:$AD$498,0))...

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