1. C

    Download multiple files from FTP server with VBA/Macros in Excel

    Hi all, trying to download multiple files from a FTP server. Currently I can download one file from the FTP server but I struggle to modify the code to my needs. I have the following code: Option Explicit Private Declare PtrSafe Function URLDownloadToFile Lib "urlmon" Alias...
  2. Z

    I need VBA code to upload to FTP in Mac OS

    I have an excel VBA code to upload file to FTP server which works on windows, but I need it to work on Mac. I am using MS365. See the code below: Sub fileToFTP() Set FSO = CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject") 'set the pathe and file name of the script to be run F =...
  3. V

    FtpFindFirstFile always returns zero

    I've hit a brick wall trying to get FTP working in Excel VBA (64-bit Office on 64-bit Windows 10). As an early proof of concept, I'm just trying to list the name of the single text file that I've uploaded to the FTP server. The sub I'm running is ListFilesOnFTP. hOpen and hConnection both get...
  4. X

    How to remotely change values in excel file ?

    Hi, I'm just learning VBA, but also must deal with one thing. I must make solution to remotely change excel file value / make it useless by changing it. I was thinking about the following solution: one excel file (let's say file_A.xlsm) must take value from second file (file_B.xlsx, Sheet...
  5. K

    Export list of FTP folders to Excel

    I want to export a list of all folders on our FTP server to Excel. Can I do this and, if so, how?
  6. O

    VBA Code to FTP files

    I have an excel spreadsheet that is currently running VBA and creating .pdf's from different spreadsheets. I would like for those .pdf's to then be FTP up to my webserver in the same VBA. Is that possible? Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. T

    Excel VBA to open a CSV file on an FTP server

    Sorry pretty much a newbie on VBA. Trying to use VBA to open a CSV file on a FTP server with username and password. Server is an IP address. I found the code below on another thread and am confused on the FilePath line and what I put in for "@ftp.XXXXXXX.com/MEMCARD1/FC_files/flow.csv"...
  8. C

    Excel VBA Upload with FTP

    Hello every one! Using Excel VBA I am trying to upload files to a server. In order to do so the macro creates a command-file called 'FTP_batch.txt' and when the subroutine finishes, it kills that file again. When I run the command prompt and copy/ paste the commands from the 'FTP_batch.txt'...
  9. M

    connect to ADODB on FTP server

    I am using a centralized data base on an FTP server that I need to form a connection to from excel to write, update, and pull data. Thus far I can get this to work when the data base in on my local computer, but once it's on the server I can't open the connection with a macro. The following is...
  10. S

    Help with connecting to a secure FTP

    We had a third party programmer which built us a macro that uploads photos to secure FTPS in a module in Excel VBA. He was using PSCP a putty protocol. When initiating the macro it seems as we are able to connect to the FTPS and we get a CMD window that indicates that the files are being pushed...
  11. korhan

    How can I copy a file from a network drive into an FTP location?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to copy all the Excel files in a folder into an FTP location. When I run a simple copy statement with the FTP path, it says "Permission Denied". Can somebody help me?
  12. H

    Downloading files fromftp server

    Dear All, I have to download all files from a ftp server and paste them in a folder in computer my ftp server is: ftp://user:pw@ (user is user id and pw is password) my destination folder is c:\temp Can anyone tell me how to write a macro for this copy (cut) paste function in...
  13. H

    Opening of csv files from ftp server not working

    Dear All, I have multiple csv files in a local directory in my computer. Using following code, I am able to open each csv file and paste in master excel sheet. However, when I change location from my local directory to ftp server, I am getting this message: Run-time error '52' -Bad file name...
  14. H

    FTP Current Dir Call Crashes Excel

    Hi there, I am building an application that uses wininet ftp calls, all of which are working fine except from my request for the current directory. The following is my (cut down) code... Option Explicit Private Const MAX_PATH = 260 Private Const INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG =...
  15. O

    Download data from ftp server not updated

    hi, i am using below code to download data from ftp server , and it work fine , but data not updated , so when i download file if this file updated on the server and i download it again , it will update the file but without new data ( i saw date updated but new data not in the file when i...
  16. O

    ftpgetfile giving unreadable content

    Hi, i have macro to copy excel file from ftp server and save it in local folder and it's working fine but when I try to open the file i get error "Excel found unreadable content" , the file in the server working but when I copy it giving this message :( this is my code Const MAX_PATH = 260...
  17. M

    VBA Open FilePath from FTP location - Excel 2016 error

    Hi, I use Excel 2013 and have some VBA code to open up and copy data from an excel file on a FTP site. It works flawlessly in Excel 2013, however every time I try this on a computer with Excel 2016 the program closes and open a new sheet. I've identified the line of code which causes this to...
  18. M

    VBA - Download from FTP

    Hi I have the code below attached to a button in a macro. This is the code in complete and I have been using it to test taking the information from a file on my computer. This works fine, it all plugs in to the right place - no issue. Now that file is on my ftp server which is user and...
  19. S

    Download Files from FTP server Via Excel Macro

    Hi All, I want to download multiple files from FTP server. I have the log in Credentials of FTP server . Below is the VBA I am using to download files . VBA Code : Sub Get_File_From_FTP() 'Variable Declarion Section Dim FTP As Inet 'Assign Host URL, Source and...
  20. S

    Can I insert data to an excel worksheet stored on an ftp site?

    Hello, I currently have an excel 2010 workbook uploaded to a company ftp site. The goal is to be able to enter data on a locally sourced worksheet and have that data be dynamically referenced by the ftp sheet. I need to be able to transfer cell values from an offline worksheet into specific...

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