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    Hello Friends, please help me, How do I calculate the same result, which is next? for example: result=What formula to write to count the result 1= How many games have won a step by step? 2 = How many games have you lost in step by step? 3 = How many games have played a draw step? <tbody>...
  2. C

    Anybody any good with Array formulas?

    Hi I am trying to create a dashboard that gives me the top 5 (and bottom 5) on a number of key metrics. I have put an example table below, but I trying to create a result that will list in order 1-5. Please assume Category is column A, Product is Column B, etc...
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    Hi, I'm looking for how to create a win or lose (no ties) combination in an excel for 16 teams and 8 games. I know there are 256 combinations, but how can I have this combinations listed in excel? Thanks in advance Damien
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    Seeking advice on where to begin - Searching for team form football data

    Hi guys and gals. At this stage Im not looking for a specific solution to a problem but rather ideas on how to approach something. I have several spreadsheets of football data covering several seasons of results and odds. eg: <tbody> Date HomeTeam AwayTeam Home Goals Away Goals Result...
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    Wins + Losses for Sports Teams at Different Points

    Hi all, First time posting and looking for some help regarding a set of sports statistics. I am looking to analyze the effect of home court advantage in the 2018-2019 season and wanted to be able to control for how many wins each team has at a certain time in the season. I currently have a set...
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    Dropdown list not matching conditional formating on list, need a solution.

    Hey All, I'm trying to track what games friends have vs what games I have, etc, so I decided to use Excel and make a list, etc. Then when the weekend comes I can just look who is around and decide on a game we are playing. When I do a drop down list to allocate the game names to the person...
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    Generating Random Teams While Rotating Players In

    Hi All, I ran into a wall and hope someone can help. I currently have a clunky spreadsheet that will randomly distribute 16 people into 4 teams of 4 for our volleyball games. What I actually need to do is for the spreadsheet to distribute 20 people into 4 teams of 4, and hold the 4 remaining...
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    VBA find header and clear contents

    Hi good people!, Please assist me with this: Sheet1 = Database Sheet2 =View Sheet "Database" has the following: A1 = "01-01-2019" A2 = "Handle" B2 = "Win" C2 = "Games" D2 = "Theo Hold" Then E1 = "02-01-2019" E2 = "Handle" F2 = "Win" G2 = "Games" H2 = "Theo Hold" and so the pattern goes...
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    Baseball / Hitting Streaks - Conditional Formating

    Below is a snapshot of my spreadsheet. All numbers (hits) are populated (linked) from other sheets in workbook depicting each specific games. The GREEN background seen is currently being formatted manually. I am now trying to figure out how to CONDITIONALLY FORMAT the cells to show a players...
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    "MaxIF" or "RankIf" formulas?

    Is there a formula to find the highest score(s) for Bob in a list with all of his games, and all of his teammates games? Something like "MaxIf" would be perfect, but I don't think it exists. It seems logical, but I'm stumped. If that is possible, can it be taken a step farther to have a...
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    Fixture Creation Advice

    Hi everyone, (New here so go easy on me please). I need to create a fixture list (home and away) that can adjust to different number of players but there's one difficult part: we need everyone to have as many home games (or away games) in a row if possible and all teams must play at the same...
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    Review Chess Moves and Times by importing in Excel

    I play online Chess games with various opponents.....On completion.....these games are saved on the Website's page.... So after accessing the source code, I can get the text code of the game that I played in the following format.... Every move starts with a left curly bracket and ends with a...
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    Best formula to use

    Hi Guys, I would be very grateful if anyone can help me with the best formula to use on this one. I help coach with a junior football team and we have a squad of 15 players, but we can only select 10 on a match day, and there are 18 games during the season. Whats the best way to put a...
  14. M

    Create an Excel VBA form using a loop to source the inputs

    Hi, I have a list of soccer games on sheet "Web Import" with team A in column C and team B in column E. I want to create a user from for a user to input scores for these games. So when the user form pops up (once the spreadsheet is opened) it should present the user with the teams from the...
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    Sports scheduling helper

    I have a simple scheduling table to determine 16-game schedules in a league of 32 teams: The teams are numbered 1-32. The games in the red triangle are all the unique games (everything repeats on the other half). A team's schedule can be read across or down...
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    form data, how did a team perform in the last 6 games

    Hi Guys, I have a spreadsheet with lots of football scores, I have attached it so you know what I'm talking about. Here is one of the entries, <tbody style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: inherit; vertical-align: baseline;"> Ref Output Home Away HTHome HTAway Date FTHome...
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    VBA to Find and Replace Text from a cell

    Hello friends i have a sheet as below- In Sheet 1 Column A Column B Company Name Example Inc. Games Football and Swimming In Sheet 2 I have a sheet having thousands of sentences in Column A Eg- ABC Inc is a very big company. ABC...
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    Score table for world cup 2018

    Hello fellow Excel:ians. I have some issues with my score table for world cup gamble predictions for my friends and colleagues. I want to keep a track of the scores, group scores and so on. I have made 12 sheets, which include all Groups A-H (8). 1 sheet with all of the score tables, 1 sheet...
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    Complex "COUNTIFS" calculation

    Dear all, Please advise, is there any way to calculate the following task with excel? In document, There are 3 players. We are playing pingpong games. Each day we play two tournirs. In each...
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    Need a formula that works for NHL Stats

    I have a formula that works for games played for W and L to add up to Games Played, I just need the formula that will work with Overtime and Shootout games added in. I used this to make my formulas just changed it to make it work for the NHL standings...

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