1. D

    Excel - Getting a Roster to highlight/identify gaps in a 24/7 roster

    I have looked through some of the other questions on here and can't seem to find the answer so hope someone can help me, there is probably a simple fix to my issue and I am showing my limited knowledge regarding the functionality of excel. I have a 24/7 roster that I would like to automatically...
  2. 7

    Lookup Row and move to another sheet

    Good morning, I am hoping somebody could assist me with an formula i would like to write in order to do the following: If any row in column AL equals 1 Move that entire row to another sheet (Sheet 1 for this example.) As a side note; there may be large gaps between rows where column AL...
  3. G

    Fill Data Series between multiple points, differing steps and gaps

    Afternoon, long time lurker, first time poster (Excel 2016 /Win 10 user) I have successfully dabbled with various macros and tips from here, but I am now struggling with a seemingly simple task, but I'm not sure what to even search against. I have a column of negative values, with 'gaps'...
  4. Z

    Excel 16.21 is adding line breaks in text

    When I enter text in a cell, everything looks fine until I exit the cell, when random line breaks/gaps suddenly appear in the text. When I go back into the cell, everything reverts to normal until I exit again. Restarting the computer doesn't help. The only way I can get get rid of the line...
  5. E

    Summary list from multiple tables, without gaps

    Hi I’m hoping you guys can help me, I’ll try to explain what I’m trying to achieve and hopefully it will make sense. The data is for sales figures, the worksheet it set up asfollows Team 1: Headers - Consultant Name(D3), Client(E3), Percentage(F3), Margin (G3), Weeks (H3), Value (I3)...
  6. B

    Force gaps in chart based on (zero) value

    I have a chart which is based on calculated data (formula). Where the base data has 'gaps', the formula show zero. Given that the result of a formula can never be a 'real blank'. As a consequence, the resulting chart also cannot show gaps, instead it jumps to zero. I am desperately looking for...
  7. M

    If value in column B = 1, then copy and paste content of Column A to another sheet.

    Hi all. I am little new to Excel coding and would really appreciate some help. I am writing an excel sheet for my students but getting stuck, essentially they will fill out a sheet scoring themselves from 1 to 5 in certain areas, Col A will have 50 skills, they will rate themselves 1 to 5 in...
  8. M

    Remove gaps in lines of text ?

    How do I remove the 'Gaps' in Col B of my Excel Sheet ? Screenshot Link Anyone care to share Excel Function or Code, instead of doing it manually ? Thanks in Advance.
  9. P

    If function BUT with empty cells in between

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a formulate to incorporate the if function to another function that would avoid leaving gaps (empty cells) in between. So I have data from lets say A1:A50 I want non zero values to be populated in column B without gaps in between. Sorry if this is too easy...
  10. M

    Any way take numbers in a column and put them into a range?

    Here's an example of what I need: ColumnA 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 10 15 16 Instead of manually hunting down the gaps, is there any way for me to get the above shown in a range, like this? 1 - 4 6 - 8 10 15 - 16 OR 1 - 4, 6 - 8, 10, 15 - 16 OR 1 - 4; 6 - 8; 10; 15 - 16 Thanks in advance!
  11. H

    How do I deal with necessary gaps in Pivot Table source data?

    Hi there I've created a formula whereby a column will post an end of week Friday date into a cell if a threshold is met. If however the threshold is not met, the column will post a blank into that column's row. There has to be a row spacing of five working days to each Friday as there are...
  12. M

    Distributing the value of Beginning No. Median Number and Ending No.

    I have a beginning number of 110, the Ending is 150 and the Median 130. How can I distribute the beginning, Median and ending in 11 column? what is the formula to get the gaps in between 110 to 150 with a median of 130 in 11 columns?
  13. G

    Fill in gaps in a column by copying value at beginning of the gap

    I have a column of data with gaps in it. I want Excel to copy the value at the top of the gap filling the gaps below, eg. 013 015 016 So between 013 and 015 I want to fill in 013 and between 015 and 016 with 015. It is a very long column with loads of gaps. I just wonder if there is a...
  14. S

    remove gaps and paste it in new sheet

    i have some values in 4 colums, i want to remove gaps between them and place those values in new sheet2 here is the attachment
  15. S

    Remove blank rows by VBA

    i have some random values in 2 colums those have some gaps between rows in "sheet1" i want to remove gaps between the values and past those values in "sheet 2" please find the attachment below
  16. T

    Search points and find if the point has at least 1 reading every hour.

    Hello people. Can you help with this problem I have been stuck on for quite a while now. My data set consists of 2 columns: A - the points name (of which there is about 11) B - date and time (DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS) (should be every 15 minutes...
  17. B

    Charting values continuously (not as points) over varying distances

    First of all, "Hello all" and thank you for considering my dilemma. It's simply beyond my current skill. I'm making charts of separate data sets all with data values between 1 and 5 assigned to varying distances. I have to make charts in illustrator for better quality (PhD standards), but it...
  18. S

    A bit more on deleting GAPS.

    Hello I have around 2368 rows for in each column and I have around 8 columns and what I need to do is to remove any gaps. I do not know how to attach picture here, but I can explaing it in words. A1: 0.9 A2: A3: A4: A5: -0.09 A6: A7: 0.4 Is there a way to eliminate those gaps (A2, A3, A4...
  19. S

    Delete GAPS in columns

    To Whom it May Concern, I have around 2368 rows for in each column and I have around 8 columns and what I need to do is to remove any gaps. I do not know how to attach picture here, but I can explaing it in words. A1: 0.9 A2: A3: A4: A5: -0.09 A6: A7: 0.4 Is there a way to eliminate those...
  20. J

    insert rows between sequence gaps

    I recently found a thread with the same name (, and two people had posted codes which were said to insert rows between sequence gaps, i.e. making 1,2,4,5 : 1,2,3,4,5 in column b (for example), but when I have tried using the codes, neither...

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