1. G

    Data into age buckets

    I have a large list with one columns that have age, gender and race. I need to sort the gender and race into the following age groups: 17 and under 18-64 65-84 85 and older All that comes to mind to me is to do an if statement where I look at the age column and say, for instance, if it...
  2. W

    Average age by gender

    I am sure there is a simple answer to this question. I need to find the average age of people by their gender. I have used this formula and each time just get #NUM ! =AVERAGEIF(B2:B696,"F",C2:C696) Any help gratefully received
  3. P

    Auto-Populate Columns Based on Cell-Lookup Result?

    STARTING POINT: <tbody> Name Beginning Change #1 Change #2 Change #3 Ending Bob Sarah </tbody> Data will be manually populated into the "Name" column above. After populating into the name column, my goal is to have the subsequent columns automatically populated based on whether...
  4. R

    Merging Columns, Need help on the Right Equation

    Hi Everyone, I am having trouble with an excel project in which I have two columns that I feel could be merged into one. I have designed a database that keeps track of adjectives used to describe dog toys by men and women. I first track the gender of the dog, then the gender of the toy is the...
  5. E

    Error with Median formula

    Hi all, I have a formula that pull back the median from a list of values: =MEDIAN(IF('Median Gender Pay Gap'!N:N='Median Analysis'!G$4,'Median Gender Pay Gap'!AI:AI)) In order for to work I need to add the brackets back in: (like below) {=MEDIAN(IF('Median Gender Pay Gap'!N:N='Median...
  6. T

    Ordering data by highest number and gender per same number

    I am trying to create a formula that allows a set of data to be interrogated and then extract and display in set pattern. The data set will cover thousands of rows, for simplicity I have cut this to 15 with three columns <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"> <col width="76"...
  7. I

    Is it possible to name filtered criteria in Advanced Filter?

    If you have a table of data, say: <tbody> Name Age Gender John Smith 45 Male Jane Smith 44 Female </tbody> To which you apply an advanced filter which returns cells with ‘Male’ in the Gender field, is it then possible to assign a name to that filter i.e. return a separate column which...
  8. M

    Calculating text values with owner ID numbers

    Hi everyone, I'm stumped on tidying up a situation and am hoping for help. This is related to a research project of mine. My database is tracking items owned by men and women. I used to enter the gender of an owner in Column C once per unique user, and then in Column D entered the user's...
  9. A

    Class Generator

    Hi All - I am looking for some help with a problem for work (assistant principal). What I would like to have done is to take the following information (Student Name, Behavior, Academics, Gender) and then generate a certain number of class lists that represent approximately equal distribution...
  10. B

    Need help with this complex problem

    So i am creating a spreadsheet and I need help a conversion that I need. I am looking to have a number that falls within a range of numbers, be converted into a numeric value in a different cell. The catch is that the range of numbers is decided by gender and age. For example: A1 is gender A2...
  11. A

    Is this possible?

    Hi all, I have the following sheet: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 Name Gender Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 4 Level 5 2 John M A* B A A F C 3 Ali M A C B D E C 4 Mike M B D A* C A A 5 Pauline F C E A B A* A 6 Harris M D F D A* B A* 7 Nasima F B G G E C B 8 Luba F...
  12. B

    If, and and vlookup statements in one formula

    Hi Folks,I need a formula for the following. Cell B127: Persons Gender (Male Female) Cell B128: Age (Persons age Cell: I192: Returns the average grip strength of the person I am doing a grip strength assessment where by cell I192 returns the average grip strength over three attempts of the...
  13. M

    Dropdown sometimes other times auto value

    Hi all I'm hoping someone can help. Look all over for a solution but no look. Now I'm pretty proficient with Excel and not bad at VBA (still refreshing my skills) bit I'm stuck! Let me try to explain. I want a cell to autopopulate with M or F for gender if the group looks like this 10CS-B or...
  14. C

    Sumproduct mystery

    Hello all, I'm a bit stumped, hopefully someone can help me out. On a prior project I used =SUMPRODUCT((O253:O543="x")*(R253:X543="x")) to return the number of minority males O253:o543 had an "x" if the person was male and R253:x543 had an "x" in one of the column if the person was a...

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