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  1. A

    Count Unique Data Sets Over Multiple Columns

    Hi, I am struggling to create a formula that returns a singular count for data sets over 2 columns (that are multiple columns away from each other). I want the formula to count something only if: It is only counting any number in Column A once. It is also only counting the unique number in...
  2. D

    Simple question - 1 line of code

    Can anyone please tell me what the following line means, and what it does; ReDim lNumbers(1 To lRows * lCols, 1 To 2) Thanks
  3. M

    A formula with a lot of conditions..

    Hi, I need a field (DepField) that depends on seven other fields (Let's say the fields are named 1-7). All fields (including the dependent field can be either "Red", "Yellow" or "Green" There are different conditions for the dependent field (DepField): If either field: 1, 3 or 4 = "Red", then...
  4. powerjak

    Need VBA Macro to Parse XLSX File - Appreciate Your Help

    I'm an intermediate Excel user, but "don't know diddly" about creating VBA Macros for recurrent processes. I'd really appreciate some help from someone more advanced than I am to create a Macro to reduce the time it takes to process these files. I frequently have to pre-process Hourly Sample...
  5. K

    Logic Formulas

    I need to create a formula for a cell that has multiple tests with individual TRUE for each test... example Slope is 1, 2, or 3. Each Slope has a differnet degree. I need a formula the inputs the degree for each slope depending on what slope is enterered in a sperate cell. In other words...
  6. F

    Summary sheet from data in other sheets

    Wondering if anyone can help me create a formula, command and/or macro for this problem... I have several sheets within one excel document - each has several columns of data pertaining to customers. Particularly, I would like to list all the customers (multiple duplicate listings) from three...
  7. KP_SoCal

    Sum a range of cells from specific worksheets using VBA

    I need to sum Range(“A10”) for all worksheets in workbook that have a Sheet Name like “Series” and cell A1 = “Applicable” in each Sheet Name like “Series”. So “SeriesXL2” with a text value of “NA” in cell A1 would be excluded from the calculation, while "SeriesJ2B" with a text value of...
  8. KP_SoCal

    VBA Workbook SheetChange Conflict

    Below is a code that most of you experts will realize right away that it will crash my excel document as soon as I run it. In each of my sheet names that begin with "Series" I have a data validation combo box embedded in the cell. Each time I select a certain value, I use the "SheetChange"...
  9. KP_SoCal

    VBA to populate cell A2 with cell A2 from previously select WKST.

    I have an excel workbook with tabs: Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet 4, Sheet 5, Sheet 6, and Sheet7. For Sheets 1 thru 5, I need cell A2 on a newly activated sheet to populate with the value on the most recent worksheet. Sheet1 holds the default value of “Widget1” in A2. So if I click on any...
  10. KP_SoCal

    VBA to insert rows between groups, add group header, and delete repeating values below header.

    A while back, users Peter_SSs and Jazzed provided me some excellent feedback on how to insert a blank row after repeating cell values in a column. Click here to see the original thread. Now I have a similar question, but it’s a little more complex. Rather than explain here, I’ll graph what I...
  11. R

    Consolidating Workbooks

    Hi, I have 85 workbooks in the same folder with a sheet in each workbook called "Budgets". Its the same template in each workbook with different data. I need to create a Summary master file of all my budgets so in the end I will have 1 Workbook with the 85 copies of the "Budgets" Worksheets...
  12. KP_SoCal

    VBA to insert blank row after repeating cell values in a column

    In Column A, I have several repeating cell values. I would l like to insert a blank row at point the value changes into a new set of repeating values. The illustration below should better illustrate what I’m trying to get at. Before code execution… A1: Title A2: Apple A3: Apple A4...
  13. KP_SoCal

    Display a customized message when trying to edit a locked cell.

    I'm using the code below to protect a range of cells. It allows end users to select a protected cell within range of A1:A10. If the end user attempts to edit the cell, Microsoft's standard message box will fire, "The cell or chart you are trying to change is protected and therefore...
  14. KP_SoCal

    Apply VBA code to multiple columns as oppose to just one.

    The code below restricts users from inputting anything other than an uppercase "X" in a cell within column N. If the user types a lowercase "x", it would automatically convert it to uppercase. If any other value is entered other than "X", a message box will fire. The code is specific to...
  15. KP_SoCal

    "In Between" function that behaves similarly to a "Mid String" function

    In column A, I have a string within a cell with an alpha-numeric constant of 1A23 at the beginning and 432A1 at the end. In between could be any number of alpha-numeric characters. In column B, I need a formula that will extract the variable from the middle of these two constants in column A...
  16. KP_SoCal

    VBA to trigger an event on Insert Rows

    I’m using Excel 2007, and I would like to trigger the sub routine listed below when a user attempts to insert a row(s). I’m guessing it would have to be fired on a “Worksheet Change” event. So the logic might go something like, after rows are inserted then Application.Undo (this would undo the...
  17. KP_SoCal

    VBA to Create Message Box when Space Bar is Pressed

    For colums A,B,C,G,H on my worksheet, I would like to create an error message when users press the [SPACE BAR] when inside any one of the cells for these columns. The message would prompt them that entries using the [SPACE BAR] are not allowed. I took a stab at this by writing the following...
  18. KP_SoCal

    VBA Message Box when neighboring cells have values

    I’m looking for a way to write some VBA code the will create a message any time a numeric value is entered into two cells adjacent to each other. In other works, the range for the first column would be J2:J100 and the range for the second column would be K2:K100. So if the end user tries to...
  19. KP_SoCal

    SUMPRODUCT using next IF and SEARCH function

    The formula below works perfectly by itself... =SUMPRODUCT( --(AllocatedVeh!$A$2:$A$65000= IF(Manifest!C8 = “TEXTILE”,AllocatedVeh!$A$2:$A$65000,Manifest!C8), --(AllocatedVeh!$C$2:$C$65000=Manifest!D8), --(AllocatedVeh!$F$2:$F$65000=Manifest!G8) ,AllocatedVeh!$I$2:$I$65000) However, I need to...
  20. KP_SoCal

    Using SEARCH function within SUMPRODUCT formula

    This is somewhat complicated. You are a super-genius in my book if you can figure it out. Here goes the explanation… Column A, rows 1-5 will have values such as: A1: FZ A2: WK A3: ZR A4: FZ A5: FZ A6: 9K Column B, rows 1-4 will have values such as: B1: FZ B2: WK, ZR B3: 9K B4: FZ, WK, 9K...

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