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  1. G

    Go to cell by matching value in a column

    Is there a code that will allow me to use a button to go to a cell by matching the value of a list of values cell with the values in column D. When I choose option “Apple” from the drop down and click the button, the code searches column D and locates the cell with “Apple” and goes to that cell...
  2. D

    Hyperlink to cell where condition is true within a range

    Hi all, Been searching the interwebs for an answer to how I might hyperlink to a cell where an IF statement is true. I have a worksheet with 100's of columns with dates in them and then on the row above the following formula =IF(BP4=TODAY(),"TODAY",""). When tomorrow it arrives BQ4 will...
  3. SelinaR

    Macro or Formula to GO TO a particular Month

    Hiya I have a current Macro that finds a date.... Sub searchdate() Dim i, lr As Integer lr = ActiveSheet.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row For i = 3 To lr If Cells(i, 1) = Date Then Cells(i, 1).Select Exit For End If Next i End Sub However I have a spreadsheet that I need to...
  4. J

    Help required to Jump from one cell to another with reference from the third cell

    I require urgent help. Can anyone please help me for the following problem: I have an excel sheet for data entry (month wise) it has 5 columns per day. and 150 products so it is tiring to scroll every time to reach a particular date. thus can anyone help me with a simple formula so that i...
  5. M

    How to use VBA to find/go to a row

    I am working on a sheet with 100+ rows of data, each row representing a different size of widgets. I have a cell at the top - Q1 - where you can enter the size widget you are looking for and, using conditional formatting, the row(s) containing that size widget will turn yellow with bold text...
  6. R

    "go to" Macro help please..

    I need to take the data from formula (a numeric value) and use this to automaticly move the cursor to a specific cell which is based on this result. IE in simple terms Formula (2*300) gives a result of 600, I need to then move to cell A600, if result is 150 then I need to move to cell A150...

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