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    Google Form to Google Sheets - how do I get Age responses with text into numbers?

    Hello, I have a Google Form which will be used to register animals for a spay & neuter clinic. One of the questions is "Age". I have multiple choices in Col A which include text. I want those choices to turn into numbers in Col B. I intend to report stats based on age groups in Col C. 1) Is...
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    May have bitten off too much to sort

    I am trying to accomplish something that is feeling rather like a lost cause at the moment. I may be asking too much of the application. Here is what I am doing... Built a Google Form that will populate a Google Spreadsheet (have same functionality as excel sheets and will build in Excel then...
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    Import Google Spreadsheet Data into Excel 2007

    Hi, Anyone heard of a decent way to import spreadsheet data from Google Spreadsheets into an excel document so the resulting excel spreadsheet has live updatable google spreadsheet data? Regards Steve Flavel Pharmacist from Queensland, Australia

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