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    Mac Excel 2011 - Google Maps Distance API

    Hi, I've been trying to look for a VBA code or spreadsheet template that imports Distance and Time from the Google Maps API. Everything I've seen so far either only have Distance or use ActiveX :( :( Compounded to it is the fact that I use a Mac. I'm not sure if XML works well on Mac's Excel...
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    Generating Google Maps URL with GPS Coordinates from sheet cells and Displaying Complete URL in a cell

    Hi I have a worksheet that lists physical locations and 2 respective columns that display the latitude and longitude coordinates for the location in that row. I am trying to automatically generate a respective URL in the cell adjacent to the coordinates columns that displays the complete URL...
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    Find postcode for an address in Excel

    Hello all! I have a list of dentists (column A) with the streetname (column B) but I don't have the postcode, does anybody know how to get the postcode in column C without copy + Paste every single dentist in google? Many thankss

    Use a CommandButton Control for a Google Maps Hyperlink with Cell Data

    Hi Board of Genius' Can anybody help me to achieve this, at all, please? I currently have a Hyperlink Cell (C10) which, when clicked, takes the user externally to Google maps at the address as inputted into a number of Cells: User Cells: B6 = "House Name / Number" B7 = "Street" B8 = "Town"...
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    Need Mileage calculator using Google Maps and MS Excel

    Hello, I'm looking to create a mileage calculator in Excel using Google Maps, depending on how many addresses I input, I would like Excel to return a total trip mileage. I'm not interested in having this do anything else, I want to keep it simple, would not mind if in Excel I see a snapshot or...
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    Google Maps printing

    Hello, I have a userform that will have a start address and an end address. I am looking for some help with the VBA code that calls out to Google maps, gets the driving directions and prints those directions out, with just one click of a button on the userform. Any ideas? suggestions...
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    Calculate distance and time between two addresses using google maps

    I'm using the UDF code provided here by Ashish Koul:!msg/excel-macros/VDWa1NuD_Rs/2kJ2-WpfFbYJ However, I keep getting #VALUE error. Does this work for others? If so, any thought as to what is going wrong for me? I'm using Excel 2010 home and...
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    Using Google maps to autocorrect a spreadsheet of badly formatted addresses

    Hi guys, Is it possible to upload a spreadsheet of badly formatted addresses and use google maps to autocorrect them to their proper addresses and address form? Thanks in advance,

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