1. N

    Verifying Longitude and Latitude

    I am trying to find or create a formula to compare to make sure that executed and completed, latitude and longitudes are a close match to the store longitude and latitudes closely match. I am thinking maybe a formula that will highlight the executed and completed coordinates green for close and...
  2. S

    Converting into gps coordinates

    Dear forum. I have made an Excel sheet, where I entered (copy-pasted) gps coordinates from Google Maps. The column settings in Excel were not adjusted from the beginning, because I couldn't seem to find the right setting. This means that the current format is e.g. 55.419.474 10.455.039 and...
  3. F

    Generating Google Maps URL with GPS Coordinates from sheet cells and Displaying Complete URL in a cell

    Hi I have a worksheet that lists physical locations and 2 respective columns that display the latitude and longitude coordinates for the location in that row. I am trying to automatically generate a respective URL in the cell adjacent to the coordinates columns that displays the complete URL...
  4. O

    GPS Coordinates

    Hi Dear Friends, Does anybody know how I can use VBA to get the coordinates of a point using a GPS or a Satellite? If Access/Excel cannot do this on their own, probably there is an ActiveX control somewhere that can be plugged in? Thanks in advance Sam
  5. L

    How to connect gps coordinates with location names and associated data

    Hi all, I have just entered into the 5th year of a predator trapping project. All prior work is quite a mess, and massive. The project began with ~ 100 traps in a valley, each one given a numerical name. At random intervals, additional traps have been set up in this valley, also given...
  6. M

    VBA for GPS Coordinates

    Hello, I want to write a macro that gets the XY location from a GPS connected to my computer via a serial port. is this possible in excel, maybe i need to go to Access? Thanks Amanda
  7. B

    Text Manipulation Puzzle

    I am given a spreadsheet with 1 column. In this column, is a long string containing a variable list of gps coordinates. The syntax of the string is always the same, like this: LINESTRING(lat lon, lat lon, lat lon) My problem is that I need to switch each coordinate to be lon lat instead of...
  8. R

    VLOOKUP in 2 fields of numbers

    I have been looking through a lot of very similar threads on this particular subject but have thus far been unable to find a solution that works for me. I imagine that there is something on these forums that would work but I figured it couldn't really hurt to try posting my own thread. I have...
  9. S

    GPS conversions

    Help! Inexperienced with Excel. Need Excel 2007 formula(s) to convert longitude/latitude coordinates such as "N48-38-46.5" and "E088-19-14.4" into Degrees Minutes decimal format. All longitudes are N, and all latitudes E. Long/lat have separate columns. The N's and E's are followed by...
  10. T

    GPS Coordinates Format

    Hi everyone I'm trying to put together a sheet where a user can enter data into four cells (N,S,E,W via drop down list in the first box, degrees, minutes and seconds in the remaining three). Ie. S ## ## ##.## The formula =G4+(H4/60+I4/3600) then converts the data to a decimal value which...
  11. V

    GPS waypoint data to access form

    I would like to know if there is an easy way to capture coordinate data (lat, long, date/time stamp, etc) in an access form while using a tablet PC equipped with a usb GPS unit. I may need to collect up to 10 discrete location points per record. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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