1. H

    100% rounding

    Hi I have an audit template where we have a set of scored criteria. each one marked green = 5 points amber = 3 points red = 0 points We add up all the the score, using aggregate(9,6,range) We then calculate a %age grade using a simple divide total by max possible total formula This works...
  2. D

    master spreadsheet

    Hi everyone, I have a folder for my students, which has a folder for each individual student inside it containing their monthly progress. I wanted to know if there was a way for me to enter data in one "master" spreadsheet and it would auto-populate the individual reports. opening and manually...
  3. D

    AverageIFS grading formula

    Hi everyone, I have a spreadsheet that keeps track of my students' weekly progress with an overall month summary at the end. every day they're graded on different things on a different scale. for example they're given 4 points every day for homework for a total of 20 per week or 80 a month...
  4. D

    Excel Grading formula

    Hi guys, I am trying to create a spreadsheet which calculates my students' daily grades and spit out an average at the end of the week. I have certain tasks they do during the day and they're graded for those task for a total of out of 20 points per day. the formula i have right now is just an...
  5. I

    Need help with this grading sheet using vlookup

    i need help with this grading sheet. see picture below. im using vlookup keeps getting an error
  6. O

    Collage Grading

    hello, I have tried to do this my self but this is abit bigger than my skill set, im trying to make my grading spreedsheet easier for me to read, I have want to have it so that when ever I pass the pass work I want it to come up with pass and then when I pass merit, I want it to say merit, so...
  7. N

    Formula for Category-Dependent Weighted Grading System

    Hey all, Been working on a little project and I seem to have hit a small snag. The workaround would take a long time, so I'm trying to avoid it but we'll see. So essentially I have two tables, a data collection and another table that has mean and standard deviation for each measurement by...
  8. J

    Score grades

    I don't know if there is already related threads regarding my post, i just want to ask for anyone's help on how to create grades range, such as, grades 76 to 79 would be 2.75, 90 to 100 is 1 and all grades lower than 74.99 would be 5 and this is how it would appear thank you very much

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