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  1. M

    create graph file size growing every day

    I have an excel sheet that has : Date Size(bytes) <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 8/8/2017 6486706098 8/7/2017 6474192424 8/6/2017 6469526545 8/4/2017 6451125975 8/3/2017 6437334288 8/2/2017 6426620252 6/6/2017 5845632361 6/5/2017...
  2. Nayasoch

    Add check box with option of n Divisons such that It will Reflect in Graph

    I recently found a solution to display date in Graph on userform from John Walkenbach. I was curious and really want to add a feature to be able to change the divison value in x axis or Y axis. If for example the divison is 0-10, and if I want to increase the divison from 0-10 to 0-20, then...
  3. D

    Macro that Adjust All chart ranges with Data Validation

    Hello, I need help writing a macro that adjust my axis min and max bounds automatically with data validation. I have the macro below currently but it only makes adjustments to the current selection. How can I get the macro to automatically run every time I change the drop down choices. Sub...
  4. D

    Plotting data in a secondary not the entire data series

    Hi All, Could you please help in letting me know how to post a data point of a data series in a seecondary access by keeping the other data points of the same data series in the primary access. Tried changing the axis to secondary but the entire data series is shifted instead of the one point...
  5. cvincent

    Excel Double Axis Graph

    My double axis chart is tracking $ values on the left and count on the right. Dates are on the horizontal axis, with the oldest date to the right. The count is charted correctly; i.e. the dates correspond to the count. But the $ amounts are charting backwards. In other words, the $ amounts...
  6. helgeroe

    Line graph: Category in Y and Value in X

    Hi A default graph has the Category in X axis and Value in Y axis. Is it possible to reverse this? Thanks. Helge

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