1. K

    Create Excel chart with specific data

    I created a chart in excel , the chart would be perfect, but the date values in the table are missing from the X axis, I don't know much about how to create charts just the basics, could you help me? My Chart: All Data:
  2. H

    VBA - Remove Duplicates + Sort Data

    Hello Friends, Here is the sample data <tbody>#E0E0F0[/URL] "] #FFFFFF[/URL] ]A #FFFFFF[/URL] ]B #FFFFFF[/URL] ]C #FFFFFF[/URL] ]D #FFFFFF[/URL] ]E #FFFFFF[/URL] ]F #FFFFFF[/URL] ]G #FFFFFF[/URL] ]H #FFFFFF[/URL] ]I #FFFFFF[/URL] ]J #FFFFFF[/URL] "] #E0E0F0[/URL] "]#FFFFFF[/URL]...
  3. B

    All graphic objects have lost their assigned macro

    I was performing some edits today ... creating a new macro for a worksheet to run when that sheet is activated. Strange thing occurred ... I noticed that a graphic object on that sheet that had an assigned macro no longer functioned. I right clicked on the graphic object and noticed that there...
  4. H

    Dynamic Range VBA

    Hello guys, We are using and old file for doing reporting every week, and this file contains many graphics. I am trying to improve this file by adding new graphic that uses data coming from the sheet "Zero Trafic" I recently created and that is updated every week by new data coming from an...
  5. J

    Fitting a report to one page wide with graphics

    A report that I'm building has a graphic in the top right corner. The user wants the final output to be printable to one page wide. I have the following code at the end of the report production 'adjust column widths ws.columns("A:S").EntireColumn.AutoFit With ws.PageSetup...
  6. 6

    Graphic shapes flicker every time I change filters

    Problem demostration: create a new sheet, draw a big blue rectangle and write random data in A1, A2 and A3. Then set an autofilter on A1 and try to use the filter. (Unless you've a very fast PC) you will see that the big blue rectangle flickers (fastly disappear and reappear) every time you...
  7. D

    Insert Graphics to Word Document

    Hi I am hoping there is a boffin that can help? I tend to do all my VBA in Excel as an accountant, but I have a scenario where I have to do some VBA in Word and I am struggling with which methods to use. I have a pre-generated word specification document that I need to insert the corporate...
  8. J

    Parabola graphic

    Hello to everybody, I have the following issue. Through 1000 points (X and Y) I did a parabola graphic, now I would like to know if a put a series of points (always X and Y) into graph, if those points are inside or outside the parabola. In case one of them is outside, putting the cell in red...
  9. G

    Insert pdf into cell

    I have used the code below to insert a pdf graphic into a spreadsheet: Worksheets("PrintQRLabels").OLEObjects.Add Filename:=ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\101.pdf", Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False, Left:=140, Top:=1, Width:=150, Height:=10 Instead of positioning the graphic by "Top" and "Left" I...
  10. D

    vLookup or other formula? entire row search with a Yes or No answer

    I have a chart like the one below. My end result should be able to answer the question, "Does Store 1 get graphic D?" Yes. Or, "Does Store 4 get graphic B?" No. Is their a formula that I can use do get there? Thanks for your help! <tbody> Store # Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Location...
  11. C

    Line Chart

    Need to create a basic line chart showing $ amount on Y-axis and dates on X-axis. No issues on the $ amount, but cannot figure it out how to make the dates to work. The main issue is that my starting date is 3/24/15, and the following dates should be the end of the following quarters (6/30/14...
  12. A

    Heatmap Excel Data onto Building Plan

    Is Excel able to create a Heatmap of data onto overlay of Building Plan ? I have specific Sales data for a Building with 100+ POS Terminals, I wanted to display a heat map onto the building plan to graphically display the Most Popular location to the Least. Have been googling, and can not...
  13. A

    ActiveChart.SeriesCollection issue

    Hola I have been searching the forum looking for an issue that has been poking me this week. I´ll give a brief description. I have a macro that load, decorate and create pivot tables from a report. Depends of the needs, my boss needs to create a set of reports (from the main one) that...
  14. T

    Poor Resolution Graphic PDF

    I include a graphical image (logo) in Excel spreadsheets and then print a PDF. Using Adobe Pro 9 or other PDF drivers I achieve less than acceptable image clarity. I've increased the image resolution and the result is a little better, but not great. Within Excel what should I be doing to...

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