1. R

    Macro with Message Box for Date Greater Than Today

    Hi there, I need a VBA to be used in Excel to check a couple of columns (F:F, H:H, N:N) to see if any cell in those columns contain a date that is greater than today and pop up a message. Could you please help? Thank you.
  2. JTL9161

    If then statement?

    I am looking for a IF statement that will: In cell A9;Compare Cell D9 with K9 and show the greater number in cell A9 BUT If D9 & K9 equal each other then compare E9 with L9 with the greater number showing in A9 BUT If E9 & L9 equal each other then compare F9 & M9 with the greater number showing...
  3. K

    Conditional formatting based on another value

    I have two number columns A and B. I want to highlight column A with either a GREEN fill or RED fill. If the value of A is greater than B*0.95 AND A is less than B*1.1 fill it GREEN. If the value of A is greater than or equal to B*1.1 OR A is less than or equal to B*0.95 fill it RED. Been...
  4. gheyman


    I have a column (F) that contains the Qty order for each customer I need a forumula that looks down column F and counts how many orders I had where the quantity was between 0-49 (Greater than 0 and less than 50)
  5. C

    IF or IF(And) formula for 3 logical tests - Excel 2016

    I know this is a fairly easy question but as my Excel is very rusty and I am trying to learn the features of Excel 2016 this has me stumped. The question I have been given is - Enter a function to calculate the award give - my chart has from 4 years of service to 27 years. If the employee has...
  6. M

    how to report number of cells in a colunm (searching up) between a number and the first instance of a larger number?

    Probably pretty basic question - only starting t play with excel - simple data set - daily nasdaq prices in descending data order; looking to report the number of days it takes to get back to equal or greater price after two consecutive drops - so for 3/8, second drop was 13 points - want to...
  7. M

    Combining Logical Statements Into One Formulax

    Is there a way of combining all of the statements below into one formula? IF A2 EQUALS "RANDOM" AND F2 IS LESS THAN 126, THEN "NORMAL" IF A2 EQUALS "RANDOM" AND F2 IS GREATER THAN 125 AND LESS THAN 200, THEN "PREDIABETES" IF A2 EQUALS "RANDOM" AND F2 IS GREATER THAN 199, THEN "DIABETES" IF A2...
  8. T

    Applying two conditions in formula

    Hello, Trying the following formula and I keep getting an error: =IF((AND(E4="FT",(U4<=DATE(2010,10,10)),IF(V4>=160,L7,IF(P4>=12,L6)))) I'm trying to meet the following condition: If the cell in E4 is FT AND the date in U4 is less than 10/10/2010, evaluate the following: if cell V4 is greater...
  9. T

    message box if no cells in range > 0

    Hello I need vba code to check a range of cells for value greater than zero. Ive set the range = colval If there is no value in the range greater than zero I want a message box "No Value > 0" Thanks for any help
  10. T

    make cell blank if greater than

    I'm looking to change cells to blank if their content is greater than 30 using VBA anyone know how to do this please
  11. T

    Help, i'm stumped

    Just looking for a little help with this formula as I cant seem to get it to work. Basically I'm looking to return an F if the "PP - 3" is greater than 0. Returning a P if "pp - 1" + "PP - 2" is greater than 0 and if when you add all three together it returns a 0 then leave the cell bank. If...
  12. P

    Pivot table - Count of numbers above 0

    I've created a pivot table that has 3 columns: User, CreationDate, TargetDate. TargetDate has negative, 0, and positive numbers. I am trying to build a pivot table that will show the count of numbers greater than 0, and for a particular month of the year. When I do this, the pivot table does...
  13. K

    Conditional formatting date formula

    formula needs to: compare date in one cell to that of another, and if that date is greater by 30 days than that date, then true. My previous formula was similar to this, but it just looked at today's date and if that was greater than 30 days, then it was true. But now I need that same formula...
  14. H

    Time greater than

    Im trying to writer a code to pull all names that have a start time of 11 or greater cell B2 has the following code =IFERROR(INDEX('Bid Results'!$X$6:$X$253,SMALL(IF('Bid Results'!$Z$6:$Z$253=>TIME(11,0,0),ROW('Bid Results'!$Z$6:$Z$253)-ROW('Bid Results'!$Z$6)+1),ROWS('Bid Results'!$Z$6:'Bid...
  15. M

    Dates greater than won't work

    I have a report that I have exported as an Excel file (.xlsx) from Insightly. I am trying to see if the date exported (Col C) is less than or greater than the current date =Today() in (E1). I am using the formula =if(exporteddate(D2)<currentdate($E$1),"less","greater")...
  16. M

    Conditional Formatting if specific cell greater than 100

    Hi, This simple formula is driving me nuts. Im trying to create a formula that detects if a a cell is greater than 100 and changes the colour of that cell. I thought this would work: =$K$11>100 Thanks Matt
  17. F

    Complex IF formula

    I'm struggling with a complex IF formula, hoping someone can help. In D2 I have a category number 1-4. In F2 I have a number which could be positive or negative. I need a formula in G2 to work out the following conditions: IF F2 is 0, G2 = 0 IF D2 = 1 AND F2 is GREATER than zero MULTIPLY...
  18. J

    IF formula based on a value between 2 numbers, and also matching specific criteria

    Hello, I have a group of employees that have results for various metrics. I want to assign a Score for each of these metrics based on specific values that their result is between. For example, one metric might be quality, and I might have scores 1-5 where 5 is anything greater than 98%, 4 is...
  19. P

    Difference between 2 values

    Hi all, Here is a sample of a spreadsheet (horse racing). A B C D E F G <tbody> 13:35 Lismore 2 2 Flag Raiser 73.60 1 13:35 Lismore 2 1 Game Set Match 64.46 2 13:50 Goulburn 2 1...
  20. J

    Insert Column Where Cell Value Greater Than Zero

    Hi My spreadsheet has a row of totals where most totals are zero. I have VBA to hide those columns where the totals are zero, but the spreadsheet now looks a bit busy, so I would like to insert a column where the total is greater than zero. So I am looking for VBA code to insert blank columns...

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