1. W

    Sum conditional formatted cells

    Hi all, I am trying to sum all of the green cells (see picture @ Green cells are formatted using a conditional formatting formula rule. The purpose of the formating is to highlight every cells in columns U that I have room for in my budget (C8) starting from the top...
  2. I

    Multiple values vlookup? Many to many - Two lists

    Hello, (I did search for a solution on here but couldn't find, hence the new thread) I have the following issue if anybody can help: (Many to many relationships) List 1 <tbody> Ref Property 1 Property 2 0.1 A E 0.2 B A 0.3 C D 0.4 D B </tbody> List 2 <tbody> Properties...
  3. D

    read complete row insert as new row

    i've been playing with this all morning but no progress. Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm reading in a xls file looking at column I. When I find multiple entries in col "I" separated by a comma, i need to create a new row for each Item I find and insert it into a new row. Right now I have...
  4. D

    WORDIF Formating in VBA

    Hello, I I am working on trying to find the differences between a string of words in selected cells. I attempted to use the Wordif function, and got the changes, however I would just like to format the changes in red. For example Currently Cells Show: A1: The green dog likes to run . B1: A...
  5. K

    Conditional formatting based on another value

    I have two number columns A and B. I want to highlight column A with either a GREEN fill or RED fill. If the value of A is greater than B*0.95 AND A is less than B*1.1 fill it GREEN. If the value of A is greater than or equal to B*1.1 OR A is less than or equal to B*0.95 fill it RED. Been...
  6. A

    Counting values in 1 column based on a category in another

    Hello, I need a formula to count values from one column(Vendor) by the category of another. From there need to sum the value if the count is greater/equal to 2. EG.) Category......... Vendor......... Count(formula)........ Value.......... Sum(formula) Blue...
  7. S

    Sort as per earliest dates

    Hi, I have a set of data as shown below <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Value Category Date Red A 3-Jun-19 Yellow B 8-Aug-22 Blue C 10-Jun-20 Green A 12-Dec-19 Black B 12-Dec-21 Purple C 5-Jul-23 Pink A 30-Dec-20 Brown A 21-Nov-20 Magenta B 5-Mar-19 Orange A...
  8. muhammad susanto

    Conditional Formatting In Absolute Number, Highlighted Color

    hi all.. how to make CF formula with condition like this : in absolute number (20% as parameter) if C2=>20% - give this cell Red color if C2=>-20% - give this cell Green color <tbody> data expected result (Hightlighted) 25% Red -25% Green </tbody> any help, greatly...
  9. C

    Return value adjacent based on match

    Hi all, I believe I've done something similar to my current problem but I can't quite figure this one out. Would appreciate any advice! I'm trying to match 2 values in different columns and then return the adjacent value from a third column. Hopefully this demonstrates it clearly. <tbody>...
  10. R

    If cell is Green, copy 50 rows below it and paste to new sheet

    Hello, hoping this is an easy solve for you guys! I have a spreadsheet where I need to regularly copy the bottom half of it to a new spreadsheet while leaving the top half's data behind. The sections are separated by a row of cells with the green color (5296274). I am thinking this should be an...
  11. S

    Why Combobox displays its 1st index value of Duplicate items which are repeated and why not for the duplicate item clicked on

    Hello I want to know why Combobox displays its first index value of 1 st item when searched if the items are duplicated repeated. Why cant it display its index value of its respective repeated item clicked on <tbody> Sr. No Name Add 1 Caroline Martin 2007 Excel Road 2 Brian Green 2010 VBA...
  12. L

    using control form checkbox in excel

    Hi I want to ask a question to the user and give 3 choices answers. Q) What is the color of the sky? [x] blue [] red [] green C1 = correct If user click on Blue then C1 will show correct. So I linked the first checkbox to B1 and I wrote in C1 the following =if(B1=true, "Correct", " wrong")...
  13. FrumpyJones

    Conditional Formatting: Can I base it off of a group of other CF's?

    Hi again all, I have a new hire checklist that has 5 groups and various rows in these grouped rows for each group. (Example rows 3-7 are grouped for network access ID's. rows 8-13 are grouped for software that needs to be installed). Each grouping has its own merged and centered title in Column...
  14. A

    Dynamically pulling information when data is inconsistent

    I have a bit of a logic problem I'm trying to figure out. I have data that has inconsistent attributes and I want to figure out if I can programmatically extract the data: My data has a SINGLE column. Column A reflects the individual entries and the attributes associated with them. Column B...
  15. TheRogue

    List w/ Multiple Occurrences, Based on a Variable

    I have a list of unique items (RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN) & I have an INPUT cell (B1) to specify a number of occurrences (i.e. - 3). When a value is typed into B1, I need it to generate a new list; repeating each value the specified number of times & then repeating with the next value on the...
  16. A

    Sum upwards between blank cells

    Please could someone advise me how to do this ... I am using an array formula which I found - however, I need it to sum upwards and not down The formula is =SUM(A1:INDEX(A1:A3000,MATCH(TRUE,(A1:A3000=""),0))) I need the total 682.20 to be on the green line, the total 191.20 on the next green...
  17. M

    Coloured Cells/Contents

    Hi Guys, bit a headscratcher, I have a roster that im trying to calculate. The roster has several employees, each with there own colour and how many hours they have, eg, A1, A2 and A3 are Green and have 1 in each cell. So lets say Alan, who is "green" will have a total of 3. Is there a...
  18. A

    Check Mark shown

    I have created a formula dealing with TIME =IF(B7="","",TEXT(D7-B7,"h:mm")-C7) The formula works fine but the cell shows an unexpected "green" check mark. It not part of the returned value, it's just there. Any ideas of how to get it gone?
  19. V

    Conditional formatting mixes equal up

    Hi, it seems to be a small thing but can’t wrap my mind to it. I have 2 columns. One has a formula resulting in a number. The other one has plain numbers. I need to use 3 colors for Greater than (green) Smaller than (red) Equal to (yellow) I know to use =value(b1)=value(a1) But where...
  20. K

    Without using VBA, is there a way to count how many GREEN cells there are in a row and display the sum of said green cells in Cell names Total

    We'll start there in the subject. I have been racking my brains. In a row, you have a persons name. I want next to that name how many GREEN cells are on that row that he is on. He is on A4. The data range for his name is from L4 to NL4. Come cells have an orange, others yellow. Just want the...

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